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  1. i have found no place or vendor from which to buy camping gear anywhere, havn't found any in the world either. not sure if thats a bug or by design. have you had any luck or should I report that along with a string of missing executables I encountered today?
  2. Whilst Exploring the dungeon in Stormwall Gorge my party got a little beat up, so after valiently slaying a huge spider and its minions I decided to save the game, incase I encountered more gribbleys on the way to rest. But a few steps later my party was set upon by a room of specters and slaughtered in their weakened state. I loaded the latest save and suddenly the stupid mage collapsed and then a window appeared saying 'The Party Has Died' and I'd have to load it again... only for the stupid mage to pass out again and it repeats. I loaded the save once more and paused it with the mage in mi
  3. After fighting upstairs in the Dracogen Inn, I went back over the bridge and talked to the Elf on the bank. I then started a fight with him and his friends and slaughtered them all without mercy. After the fight however, I began to loot the corpses but my cursor refused to return to normal. Instead it stays as the 'Sword' icon to attack people. It also would not let me drag a box over my party to select them all. 1) Talk to the smug Elf on the River Bank 2) Start the fight with the diologue option 3) Begin slaughtering said Elf and his party 4) Once victorious, start collecting loot
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