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  1. Thing with corrosion and frost spells is that most of them are dots, thus heavily scaling with Int score already. Pretty sure that was a reason why obsidian was hesitant to add more frost and corrosion related items.
  2. Does the salvation of time increase the duration of (spoiler) merge trinket effect from slime megaboss? A little low level to find out myself, but very curious.
  3. By a skill damage bonus I mean a bonus from weapons that scale with certain skills. Like Arcana damage bonus on the Chomoprismatic Staff
  4. Hello guys! First of all, happy new year in case i won't get a chance to wish you that later I am a new deadfire player and right now i am considering if i wanna play a single class wizard and which subclass i wanna play. That being said there are few things that perplex me: 1) Might's global damage modifier, namely whether it stacks additively or multiplicatively with power level damage modifier. 2) Merge effect from some lategame bossfight trinket. Is its duration boosted by priest's salvation of time? 3) What are all the ways of boosting corrode (not poison), frost and transmutation power levels? Is corrode and acid the same keyword? I wonder if playing a transmuter would be fun. 4) Is skill damage bonus from weapon retained by substantial phantom? (Like bonus from Chromoprismatic Staff) I have admitedly completed first POE on POTD and fell in love with wizard kit: with its damage over time spells (DOTS), affliction spells, deflection buffs, accuracy buffs, action speed buffs. In fact slightly changed TodWilkinson's wizard build with padded armor, slightly higher resolve and invulneribility heuristics instead of save boosting talents was my favorite way to play. The class had specialized, balanced yet strong kit (unlike its D&D counterpart that could do everything often times better than anyone), a kit that was somewhat reminiscent of Warlock from old WOW in terms of mechanics. Which makes me a little sad to learn that pretty much everything that a wizard tried to accomplish faced a nerf hammer. Now i wonder if it is possible to make oldschool iteration of wizard with DOTS still work
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