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  1. I was being conned by the fakery, it was my mistake. I didn't think I had the INT for the buffs to last 10 seconds yet so I thought the tooltip description was right.
  2. I am playing on PC. AoE size is boosted by INT but Ancient Memory and other buff chants are always 10 seconds long regardless of INT or linger. No way to boost duration. Is that right?
  3. I have been searching and reading posts/threads/videos and I feel that there is potentially quite significant misinformation on Chant and Linger mechanics as what I have understood seemingly doesn't occur in-game. Some frustrating observations (if true/confirmed): 1) Many chants seem to have a fixed duration of 10 seconds (typically buffs like Ancient Memory, or +defence chants) which completely ignores the phrase and linger mechanics as well as intellect. Debuff chants seem to actually factor intellect in the duration of the effect but still ignore phrase and linger (e.g Long Night
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