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  1. I was being conned by the fakery, it was my mistake. I didn't think I had the INT for the buffs to last 10 seconds yet so I thought the tooltip description was right.
  2. I am playing on PC. AoE size is boosted by INT but Ancient Memory and other buff chants are always 10 seconds long regardless of INT or linger. No way to boost duration. Is that right?
  3. I have been searching and reading posts/threads/videos and I feel that there is potentially quite significant misinformation on Chant and Linger mechanics as what I have understood seemingly doesn't occur in-game. Some frustrating observations (if true/confirmed): 1) Many chants seem to have a fixed duration of 10 seconds (typically buffs like Ancient Memory, or +defence chants) which completely ignores the phrase and linger mechanics as well as intellect. Debuff chants seem to actually factor intellect in the duration of the effect but still ignore phrase and linger (e.g Long Night Drink and its weakness debuff). Other debuff or damage chants (e.g Come Come Winds of Death) seem to factor phrase duration and linger because unlike point 2) the chant effect applies periodically (every 3 seconds) during the phrase and linger durations. 2) The vast majority of chants apply the actual chant buff/debuff only once at the start of the chant which causes phrase duration and linger to seemingly be completely useless. Select few chants like Come Come or Dragon Thrashed apply effects periodically and therefore make actual use of phrase and linger duration. Conclusion (assuming the above is true/confirmed): 1) The value of INT is far more limited than some people seem to think as many chants ignore INT for the purposes of duration. Outside of the select few chants that can scale INT and/or make use of phrase and linger duration, INT only increases AoE size. 2) As many chants only apply the effect once at the start of a chant, moving other members or enemies into the AoE thereafter will not cause a buff/debuff as they missed the initial application. They must wait until the next phrase begins. 3) Reducing phrase duration (e.g Troubadour skill) is the only way to increase the duration of most buff chants to simultaneously maintain greater numbers of different chants. E.g with no phrase duration reduction Ancient Memory and Silver Knights Shield can't both be kept up at all times (both chants have a fixed and flat duration of 10 seconds but it takes 12 seconds to cast these two chants leaving a downtime of 2 seconds), however Troubadour could maintain more than three chants, Ancient Memory, Silver Knights Shield and Her Courage Thick as Steel as casting all three only takes 9 seconds leaving no downtime. I look forward to hearing what others have to say, but overall it is disappointing how inflexible chants seem to be and how effective/reliant on troubadour I am to reduce phrase duration (and how companions like Tekehu can't be Troubadour).
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