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  1. This is a great bow for ciphers. It fires three projectiles that seek out the enemy and each projectile buils focus. The bow itself won't do wild damage on it's own but if you need to build up focus quickly this a great weapon for it. isn't focus just damage-based now? so if you fire (and hit) 3 projectiles for 5+5+5 damage or one for 15, the amount of focus will be the same? stat-wise frostseeker is just a usual exceptional warbow with +25% frost damage on top. before i felt comfortable with upgrading it to superb for 30k i was using a vanillar superb warbow instead, for better penetration and accuracy Focus is damage-based, but the thing that makes Frostseeker particularly good for ranged/consistent DPS caster-type Ciphers is that the AoE damage from landing a critical hit with the base shots also contributes to focus generation (not to mention that only the high-tier spirits resist the pure frost damage from the AoE). So if you manage to land consistent critical hits with it, it will do more damage/generate more focus than any other bow in the game. This is only really seen with custom Cipher characters with high Perception though, as the companions/sidekicks have lower Perception. I realize the OP was about bows, but if you want amazing AOE damage go pistols. I don't recall where it was, but look for Eccea's Arcane Blaster. You can make it do an AOE on every attack, and it does Raw damage base. I found it to be broken beyond belief, and swapped my Dual-Wield pistols for that and a melee, so I only fired that weapon.
  2. This game was utterly ruined for me with 2 primary things: Spoilers/Quest trigger problems and Import/World State problems. When my import of the previous game was broken, and the World State creator thing in 2 didn't include many of the options you had in 1 I was massively disappointed. Then, the game allowed me to go places and do things that I didn't have a quest for yet, and the quest would get all broken when I got it later. Including the final quest choices, which never triggered; so I wasn't able to complete the game with the faction I wanted to. Then there's the journal spoiler; if you complete one of the companion quests before doing the story, which the game allows you to do, the journal update for that quest gives away the plot for the entire game. Before you've done any of the story missions beyond getting the boat fixed. Oh, and don't forget that the destruction of the entire story/quest system was worth less than 1 minute in their dev discussion after launch. They appear to give zero ****s that the quest triggers are utterly ****ed, and that they spoil the game in at least one journal entry. I haven't played this game in about 2-3 weeks. I have told everyone I know not to bother with it. The MOST important thing in this game, the story, was handled like it was done by monkeys at a zoo, and they haven't spent more than a minute that i've seen addressing that. I also happen to think the combat is stale and far too easy, and the romance's are totally worthless; and not because the dialogue/rep system is broken: I completed a romance with someone, and they never mentioned it again. For 10's of hours in game, the person I love and who loved me treated me the same as if I had never started a romance with them. We had sex, then forgot we had a romance.
  3. From what i've seen in other posts, it is ONE ship that does this. The dev's know about it.
  4. They should. Ranger permanent pet does, and those summons are because of the Chanter. I would assume other summons count as the casters damage as well.
  5. I just wish they'd spent more than 30 seconds on the Quest Triggers problem. That's why I'm not playing anymore, and have told everyone I talk to about games to not bother with this one.
  6. If I recall, Neketaka Palace district or whatever is where I got a Unique blunderbuss. Pretty good too.
  7. I've seen games do this before. Stress tests of specific mechanics, encounters. But Obsidian has a reputation for launching games with massive bugs. If they did this, they might lose out on their reputation and then we'd only have Bethesda.
  8. Just because you dumped perception in character creation doesn't mean the bugs aren't there. You just are choosing not to notice. There are dozens and dozens of bugs that are in the base coding of the game design that everyone has, you just don't notice it. For instance, I think it's a bug/design error that Xoti's companion quest, which can be completed before doing any main story quest after the starter island, spoils the entire plot of the game. There are also countless quest trigger bugs, where people talk about things you don't have a quest for. Or give you quest completion dialogue because you killed someone or found the thing, but you haven't even gotten the quest. My playthrough got ruined because I had an option to talk to someone about something I had no idea about, so when I didn't choose that option it disappeared. When i finally got the quest for that, like 20 hours later, the option didn't re-appear. Then there's the bugs with weapon animation speed/modifiers. Everyone is suffering from the bad math and not fully explained system, you just apparently don't care. Bugs aren't just crashes. They are everywhere in this game.
  9. There weren't any random encounters or respawn in the first game either, I didn't expect it here. I wouldn't be upset about it though, except that combat is super easy right now on every difficulty. Even more so since you can Empower your entire team's first round, and rest with no penalty. If they made TIME a resource, that would make people not just spawn empowered abilities.
  10. Yeah, they give us so little info on how things are supposed to work. Part of me thinks it's because if they tell us how it's supposed to work, they'd actually have to code it to work.
  11. I had that happen to my entire team, every stat. But I stopped reporting so many of the small bugs, because I'm not even playing anymore. Maybe when the DLC come out the game will be playable.
  12. I have zero problem with how they did spell learning in this. It's not like mages have tons of passives worth picking up....so you get the core 2-3 spells you want, then find a decent Grimoire. There's even one Grim that gives you more casts, but makes you get interrupted much easier.
  13. Chanters had multiple builds that were quite good in the first game. They were one of the Solo Triple Crown classes. In this game, they're even stronger. As was pointed out above, the Dev's are planning on nerfing them because of how strong Chanter or Chanter multiclass is.
  14. I did not take a screenshot at the time. It was a Reef check, North of Neketaka though. I've only seen 2 reef checks in the game at all, so unless they are random it's one of the 2 Reef's. At the time I had a rank 3 Helmsman, the Ogre helmsman/cook. It used the starter guy, Beodul I think, who was my Boatswain at the time of the event.
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