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  1. I am a pirate, I like to attack ships. I have not seen a MOD list that totally fixes the invulnerable merchant who sails around Port Maje. An attempt seems to have been made but it only makes things worse. You can now select to attack the ship and the combat drum music starts but the combat screens never appear. The combat music continues to play until you save and restart. Entering an island does stop it but returning to the map restarts it.
  2. I do not understand how the ships on the combat screens so not match the game. There are more guns pictured that they actually fire. Unrealistic "Artistic Freedom" does spoil the immersion for me. If you upgrade the lanterns, the ship view has the blue light, The ship on the map does not, they remain yellow. Yes I understand I am nitpicking but things like this still bother me and I wonder how they got missed.
  3. I ignored all the factions in my first game and went it alone, I got possibly the worst ending the game had to offer. I did not like the prove your loyalty quest of the Huana faction. I never tried to pick a faction and ignore the quest, but I will try it and see.
  4. I left the original ship as the Defiant When I bought a galleon I named it the Constellation, after the frigate berthed in Baltimore MD. I enjoyed the tour of the ship and the history of its 4 century survival.
  5. I am not sure if this is a bug, feature, or my fault. The combat with these ships it difficult at best and impossible at worst. I get the message to attack or trade but the ships just keep on sailing away. I have to position my ship with extreme care to make them stop and fight. I can trade but I cannot initiate combat while the ship keeps sailing. The combat music does start.and plays constantly. I have to reload to stop it. This is definitely a bug. For the ship that sails around Port Maje I have never entered combat at all no matter what I do. As a pirate I want to wipe out shipping bu
  6. Light Side Male: Lone Starr and Barfolemew Mawg Dark Side Male: Dark Helmet and Skroob Light Side Female: Vespa Dark Side Female: Dot Matrix
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