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  1. yeah bit doesnt have the other 2 choices which i really wanted to see
  2. if revan and the exile fight in kotor3 which is prob not goin to happen but im just sayin who do you think will win or do you think it will be a draw or should they both die...
  3. in kotor 2 when you learn light saber forms i want the guy to change stances
  4. id say the one where kreia is messing around with mical on the ebon hawk
  5. hk-(statement) ill be back atton(to hanharr)-laugh it up fuzz ball kreia- i sense something (smack) exile-i told you not to hurt poor atton anymore! visas- i can feel you but i cant see you exile- really thats because you dont have eyes visas-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good for nothing Nihilus stole them exile-he will pay for this crime kreia-im sure he will exile-whats that suppose to mean witch go on get
  6. and it tell how malak lost his jaw http://www.jedipurge.com/
  7. Passionate and impulsive, you are most like Anakin Skywalker. You embody many traits not generally found within the Jedi order yet your undeniable will and connection with The Force are awe inspiring. You train the lightsaber form Shien/Djem So which was originally derived from the defensive form Soresu. It maintains that while defense is critical - chanelling it into overwhelming offense is paramount. You are heralded as The Chosen One and while you have mastery over The Force, your inability to control your own emotions makes you your own worst enemy. In every action you are enigmatic and ne
  8. i will later then because i just went though hell doing this so ill just go play kotor1
  9. damn i knew i would have to do that after all the lvls i gained that would be about 6 of them
  10. i mean i have saved games but some of them are way back and the other one is in the tomb where everything is locked it was after ig ot the sword and started lvling up
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