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  1. I thought she just said he was the greatest "duelist."
  2. Well someone's got an attitude. Besides, how do you know Kreia isn't hovering over you right now?
  3. Well, okay, maybe not Final Fantasy. Just something that's notably improved over the way KOTOR1 & KOTOR2 handled it. I don't suppose an "Elder Scrolls" style would go too far, would it?
  4. If they make a KOTOR3, they should give HK-47 more weapons of meatbag destruction like a rocket launcher or flamethrower. "
  5. My suggestions and wishlist: 1. Replacement of "d20" system used in KOTOR1 & 2. It just doesn't seem to work right for a video game. Go for something closer to Final Fantasy. :cool: 2. More of Sith arts included and embraced; that means Sith Alchemy, Sith Sorcery, etc. 3. Subtler Darkside options; less overt brutality that goes right into combat, and more of the following goodies: * "Don't push that button!" "[Press Button] You mean this button?" * "[Persuade] You know, she's lying to you........." * "[Force Persuasion] You will jump in the central square" * Using Computer
  6. So what weapon style is your favorite?
  7. I think Edea from Final Fantasy VIII would be a good style to go with.... "
  8. I'd say that the gravity of a planet attempting to collapse in on itself would probably cause something resembling Malachor V in KOTORII. Of course, I have no idea of the physics of it so I may be wrong. The Storm Beasts probably came about after the fact, and were probably put in place by Kreia or Nihilus to protect the Trayus Academy from those who might mistakenly (or purposefully) land on Malachor. The things use Force Scream, so I think they are infused with the Force to a degree, hence my suspicion about them being created by one of the three Sith Lords. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  9. Fixed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, we know Belaya was a LOT more faithful than Juhani. " Juhani: "I think I may have feelings for you." Revan: "So do I, but....weren't you and Belaya an item?" Juhani: "Yes, but she isn't nearly half the magnificent, radiant woman you are! After we defeat Darth Malak, let's go snuggle up in the port dormitory and press our slimy, wet, mucus-covered lips together." HK-47: "Conclusion: Such pheromonally driven, hypocritical meatbag behavior never ceases to decrease the charge in my capacitors and make me want to put a blaster pist
  10. Ummm...mentor and "force chain" does have gameplay uses....
  11. I can definitely say I'd be Kreia: neutral-minded, observant, and manipulative. Only real difference is I'm not an old woman with defunct eyes. There's some traces of Disciple (calm, low-key), Bao-Dur (technical), Jolee Bindo (witty), and G0-T0 (favoring stability and order) however. You monster..... <_<
  12. Wait.....what does lesbianism have to do with the holocrons?
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