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  1. um....no. Why would anyone find it odd that a person consumed by evil would be above killing children? Sure, he had just embraced the dark side not 10 minutes before, but Anakin was already troubled by the Dark Side and when he disarmed Mace Windu, allowing the Palpatine to kill him, he finally gave in and allowed it to consume him. Plus, he was so convinced that turning to the Dark Side would allow him to save Padme that the transition probably wasn't too difficult...
  2. I just wish LA would come out and say whether or not they plan on completing the KotOR trilogy so, we can all get on with our lives... As for my ideas for K3...(I don't recall whether I posted said ideas or not) Both Revan and the Exile are featured in the game. How the previous two games ended will not matter this time since the true sith are a threat to everyone, regardless of force alignment. You will start out as the Exile, on his/her way back to one of the planets from one of the previous games to begin the first part of the game. You have a vision that shows some strange-look
  3. You could always go the way of Jolee Bindo, right smack dab in the middle, and be able to be your self all the time, making descisions how you want to make them, not by following some code from either the light or dark side. Funny, that's kind of the way I look at religion. And I suppose Jedi and Sith aren't far off. I don't find it necessary to rely on a book to tell me how to act andwhat to think I don't need a book to tell be that I should be kind to others. Personally, I find it frightening that a person would need religion in order to be a decent human being, but if that's what
  4. I would probably be more of a grey jedi. I'm not a pacifist and I believe that some people are not worthy of forgiveness, like rapists and child molestors. What I really enjoy hearing is how badly those are treated in prison. Hell, even murderers have no sympathy for scum like that. Also, people who torture, mutilate, and dismember their victims. Sort of like the BTK killer. I also understand that sometimes diplomacy just doesn't work and to secure peace is to prepare for war. While I do prefer to use diplomacy to solve certain problems, sometimes it just isn't enough. I would have to say
  5. You spelled "publisity" and genorosity" incorrectly and the spelling in the question differs from the spelling in the title....heh heh
  6. At the beginning, the protagonist is the Exile. You are to go to the Unknown Regions to find Revan and help him/her fight the Sith before they have a chance to launch their attack on the Republic. Of course, as the game progresses, you gather party members, both before you leave for the Unknown Regions and after you get there. Once you arrive, you make contact with different characters, loyal to the Republic, who have infiltrated the Sith; perhaps a Bothan spy or two. As you make contact with them, they will join your party. Just like in KotOR 2, different characters will join your party based
  7. Coruscant, Taris, Telos, Dantooine, Tatooine, Yavin 4, Naboo, and whatever planet the Sith reside on in the Unknown Regions.
  8. How can Leia come in second?! Hell, out of her, Han, Chewbacca, and Luke, she was the only one that could hit anything with a blaster. She could have made it off of the Death Star on her own, if she wasn't in a cell....heh heh
  9. I think Mandalore is, by far, the most interesting character. Not necessarily because of his dialog in-game, but because of some of the dialog that was cut out. While HK-47 is quite the character, I think people like him simply because he's so bloodthirsty, and comedically so. Mandalore's cut dialog from while they were onboard the Ravager sent chills down my spine; what Revan told him about the Sith in the Unknown Regions and how they supposidly "tricked" the Mandalorians into starting the war against the Republic. Still, I put HK-47 at a close second...
  10. Many people are ignorant twats. So what? "So what?" So, they're entitled to their respective opinions. It doesn't make them twats, little guy. It's been a while since I've visited these forums. Thanks for reminding me why I left.
  11. I would love to see an Old Republic Expansion for Star Wars Galaxies. They could have designated Old Republic servers and the normal ones or you would select to play Star Wars Galaxies: KotOR right from the launchpad, similar to the way you get on Test Center. Even with all I have invested in SWG, I would abandon my Naritus charaters and all of my spaceloot in a heartbeat just so I could focus all of my gaming time in the Old Republic SWG.
  12. Guardian/Watchperson or Sentinel/Weaponmaster
  13. Manaan because the music motivates me and I always do my best there. My best time is 19.54 seconds. Tatooine is always really hard for me but, I always clean up on Manaan. And plus you can get Light Side Points twice from that Ithorian.
  14. I think in some ways the Prologue and Peragus are like The Endar Spire and a little bit like Telos. But I think that Telos while on the Citadel Station is a lot like Taris because you're running around, doing all of these tasks to get off the Citadel Station, just like you were running around trying to get off Taris. And I think the Telos Restoration Zone is a lot like Dantooine because it's where you are set out to find the missing Jedi, just like you were sent out to find the Star Maps.
  15. uh...correction: you don't need to kill him. if you ask him to join the militia, he'll say that he has some thorium charges that he needs to get rid of...and then he'll join.
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