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  1. i wouldnt have taken the chance. and even though he lied, anakin still became the strongest and most powerful SOB around. good for him. KILL THE CHILDREN!!!!
  2. no doubt. but it was just to sudden. hell, he could kill babies and pour their blood all over himself instead of killing the kids, but it was just to sudden. not enough time for the transition to be at that level.
  3. i absolutely love how evil is associated with opera. its absolutely perfect. YOU FRIGGIN ROCK!!!!!!!!
  4. the wisdom, the logic, the deliciously evil things i did. both games, of course.
  5. christman has never had any religious value to me. its a time of family and get together. its a time of love, and giving. showing you care. gifts are just the icing on the cake. i love christmas. to hell with christ and lets not forget getting wasted off of some spiked eggnog!!!!!
  6. i would build my army first. the planet would come with time. after that, the entire world would become my empire. then the solar system. after that, i would spread out evenly, taking worlds at a steady pace. the republic would try and stop me, and they would do a damn good job, stopping the spread of my empire for a time. perhaps they would succeed, perhaps not. my empire would rise, and it would fall. either way, my teachings and knowledge would be passed on through my appentice and my holocron. i would be gone, but not forgotten. so is what happens within the star wars universe.
  7. manaan wasnt that bad. the selkath were a bit annoying, and the underwater sucked, but it was still a fun place. but Peragus........
  8. Nihilus's power and weakness was his hunger. He lived on the destruction of life.
  9. Vader so much power, so much control over the galaxy. i could have fun with that.
  10. yeah, and "how was your next day" is so damn different
  11. tell it here. whether its from a game, a man, or a book. and explain what it means for the fools There is no purpose in birth, no salvation of the soul in life, no reward after death. Abandon all hope and you shall become free, and with freedom aquire emptiness ~Necronomicon self explanitory
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