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  1. I used fraps to record and Virtualdub(free) and videomach to encode. Any comment guys or suggestion ?
  2. A movie of myself againts the game "kotor2" No cheat/glitch , only good build of stats/item. I had alots of fun making this movie . This a movie Made by a Fan for the Fan's. here is it http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/203012.html Enjoy you can comment here if you wish , I'm open to any suggestion. tomorow I will also make a full Marauder tutorial in a blog. That my first SW video so please be honest.
  3. here its darthzayne with some fresh news again for you folks. here a picture you can also see yoda anime for the new clone wars tv serie. enjoy.
  4. thanks your , if you guys have any suggestions go ahead.
  5. sure here the link http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...mp;q=darthzayne if i can suggest you to download google video player for the better quality unless you wont been able to read the stats of my character. enjoy.
  6. its been a long time i wasnt on this forum i didnt been able to for a time , got so much to do. but now iam back and i have seen that i have receive tons of email from ppls that want me to make a new kotor video. so iam thinking maybe .. i want you guys to tell me your opinion . kotor 1 or another kotor 2 video..
  7. i have receive tons of email that request me to make another one jedi consular light side kotor 1 movie. i didnt expect that my movie get that atention 2,876 views yet on video.google.com and 95 % of the replys are good . i just want to know what you guys think about this should i make one or not . because the last movie have taken so much time to make . and if i make another one i have to try to make a better one . i dont want to make light side fans angry so ill try my best to bring a lightside ambiance .
  8. dude get a life and a job and maybe a girld friend , you do nothing exept trying to get threads locked with starting wars. rap is for you the worst type of music , but for me your the worst kind of person .
  9. wich one ?? 1.Tech n9ne - The beast 2.Matrix Revolutions - Navras <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What rapper raps the beast? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Tech n9ne is the rapper the beast is the title
  10. #1 no more amnesiac Jedi with dark past god dam please !! #2 more species than human for main character. #3 Idea about skills . can we earn them by finding ancient sith scroll or learn them from holocrons , or npc teaching because the way we get our skills is a litle stupid. #4 be more acurate about the look like of the item example Exar kun armor or Ulic qel droma armor . they look so terrible ingame compare of the books huge medieval armor Bada ss style. #5 change the battle system to jade empire one will require a litle more skills than abusing of the pause key. #6 mor
  11. dude go back talking to npc's and have fun . your talking about my "noob build" , if we have something noob here is you bud. quit your roleplay or focus more on dex like a real noob have fun taking hours killing something . first of all how old are you 12 ? to come here and talking ****. Get lost and come back with something solid or better build than mine i wich this god dam game is multiplayer then i will be able to destroy everyone whos talking **** like you , and if i havent show my build they will acuse me of cheating ! after i, 1 shot kill everyone online . i will be able to k
  12. i have been able to download the game but not the patch can somone host it somehere ?. or try www.megaupload.com its free. please :D
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