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  1. I used fraps to record and Virtualdub(free) and videomach to encode. Any comment guys or suggestion ?
  2. A movie of myself againts the game "kotor2" No cheat/glitch , only good build of stats/item. I had alots of fun making this movie . This a movie Made by a Fan for the Fan's. here is it http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/203012.html Enjoy you can comment here if you wish , I'm open to any suggestion. tomorow I will also make a full Marauder tutorial in a blog. That my first SW video so please be honest.
  3. here its darthzayne with some fresh news again for you folks. here a picture you can also see yoda anime for the new clone wars tv serie. enjoy.
  4. thanks your , if you guys have any suggestions go ahead.
  5. sure here the link http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...mp;q=darthzayne if i can suggest you to download google video player for the better quality unless you wont been able to read the stats of my character. enjoy.
  6. its been a long time i wasnt on this forum i didnt been able to for a time , got so much to do. but now iam back and i have seen that i have receive tons of email from ppls that want me to make a new kotor video. so iam thinking maybe .. i want you guys to tell me your opinion . kotor 1 or another kotor 2 video..
  7. i have receive tons of email that request me to make another one jedi consular light side kotor 1 movie. i didnt expect that my movie get that atention 2,876 views yet on video.google.com and 95 % of the replys are good . i just want to know what you guys think about this should i make one or not . because the last movie have taken so much time to make . and if i make another one i have to try to make a better one . i dont want to make light side fans angry so ill try my best to bring a lightside ambiance .
  8. dude get a life and a job and maybe a girld friend , you do nothing exept trying to get threads locked with starting wars. rap is for you the worst type of music , but for me your the worst kind of person .
  9. wich one ?? 1.Tech n9ne - The beast 2.Matrix Revolutions - Navras <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What rapper raps the beast? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Tech n9ne is the rapper the beast is the title
  10. #1 no more amnesiac Jedi with dark past god dam please !! #2 more species than human for main character. #3 Idea about skills . can we earn them by finding ancient sith scroll or learn them from holocrons , or npc teaching because the way we get our skills is a litle stupid. #4 be more acurate about the look like of the item example Exar kun armor or Ulic qel droma armor . they look so terrible ingame compare of the books huge medieval armor Bada ss style. #5 change the battle system to jade empire one will require a litle more skills than abusing of the pause key. #6 more chalenging game. #7 custom swoop bike .
  11. dude go back talking to npc's and have fun . your talking about my "noob build" , if we have something noob here is you bud. quit your roleplay or focus more on dex like a real noob have fun taking hours killing something . first of all how old are you 12 ? to come here and talking ****. Get lost and come back with something solid or better build than mine i wich this god dam game is multiplayer then i will be able to destroy everyone whos talking **** like you , and if i havent show my build they will acuse me of cheating ! after i, 1 shot kill everyone online . i will be able to kill ppls before to have time to show them lightsabers , with a force jump crit of 700-800 dmg.
  12. i have been able to download the game but not the patch can somone host it somehere ?. or try www.megaupload.com its free. please :D
  13. Yeh the link on the first post is busted now that the site is down. See here for the links: Post 231 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> for now the filefront server is down ill got to wait to try this game. i cant wait because i realy enjoy playing pazzak.
  14. Sorry, but we already reached the max. number of stickies... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Most KotOR players hate pazaak so it wouldn't do much good anyway. Even more reason why people hate Pazaak...it doesn't cheat, but it doesn't make them less tired of losing or more motivation to play Pure Pazaak (unless they enjoy accusing other Humans of cheating). I've had that once - only once. I suggest seeing what happens if you move the OCX file out (incase it interferes/overrides a more compatable Windows copy). If the game doesn't run because you don't have it, try downloading a new version of the file and see what happens - simple Google search gets some results. Mind you I'm not going to cos the bug is so rare for me. Now to get some sleep cos I got Uni today (1:05am ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hum the link to download dont work i mean i cant even get on the webpage.
  15. Sith is a species 5000 years ago before episode 4 , (Called the golden age). the species end with the fall of naga sadow. ( Untill we know something about tulak hord , naga sadow was the last of the sith .) The mean of True Sith , its the goal of the person . And btw kriea talk alot about ancient sith lords , maybe you misunderstand her point. some use the force wiout been a sith/jedi . Its call force sensitive. A sith is goal , jedi is a religion. the rest who use the force is more like a tool.
  16. i coulnt not say better :D , i hope ill see you around :D your right and btw if that game had a pvp 1v1 dont forget the marauder jump ability he can jump forward to hit an enemy . ( Big chance that the Jedi Master/Sith Lord , will go down after this hit) if not the second hit will do . and iam sure a good caster with a crazy build can destroy almost everything in the room in 2 or 3 sec. but in 1v1 iam asking myself but if i had to bet money ill put my money on the marauder/guardian.
  17. Nihilus hit me with an insanely high AC also. Actually either due to it being highest difficulty or the form I was using the guy was practically mopping the floor with me. However the only two that could do serious damage with the high was was Sion and Nihilus. Another thing to the poster, shields do not last forever. Another thing, you can play a non-rp build without using strength. I doubt you'll do as much killing if you can't make any saves to be honest. You've got big muscles and a high chance to hit, sure. However you will be hit CONSTANTLY and will be insanely vunerable to force powers. We're not saying to keep points into things other than strength so you can roleplay, we're saying it so you won't be so die hard in one spot to leave you vunerable to one specifc thing. Sorry to say, but that's the kind of build that a fighter will find hard to deal with, but one that a caster will laugh and ignore. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> first of all kriea in the movie did nothing to me please stop tlaking of what you dont know. stop talking of what you dont know iam going to tell you a secret .. i use a secret skill named "FORCE IMUNITY" and you know what when its down i do something very wierd i "CAST IT AGAIN". Holy **** , recast a skill when its down... BTW i never had to recast something because everyone is dead before i need to. i never need save because my char is close to invincible . vunerable to what 25 dmg ? even if its was 100 DMG i have 700 hp you will need 7 of caster atacking me at the same time to kill me but its wont happend because of simple reason that i will kill all of them before my skill is down "force imunity" + shields + stimulants. iam just suprise how much "noob" i see on this forum 50 % of ppl have reply to my topic event understand the point of my topic. And understand that this build is for casi instant kill targets. Not For roleplay , not for taking tons of dmg and give tons of hit to kill something. and 25 % of these called me cheater or glitcher because they cant admit something like that. but 50 % of the rest know what iam tlaking about and have try them self. its this 50 % who give me hope that in kotor 3 if its come out , will show some interesting build. and give positive opinion and suggestion with solid proof of what they talk about .
  18. like i said this build is not for roleplay BTW you can use your party members for optional option. this build is for destroying everything the quicker you can. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *NEWSFLASH* The emphasis of KotOR is not the action lets kill for fun point, its to get something out of the story the whole fighting is second to dialogue. The whole game is based around dialogue and a good strong built character, not in terms of "RLY LOOK AT ME!!1 I HAVE TEH LEET CHARACTOR THAT CAN PEEN GANDZ!!11" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dont tell me what should i enjoy playing this game. After the 5 th finishing this game, plus i have read every kotor era comics i think i got the story still everytime i finish this game i discover new content. and what like from this game is the freedom and the way the combat system work its what i enjoy.
  19. finaly :D someone who have the guts to try a diff build wich is very affective. :D
  20. before i ask my questions. iam new to this forum but iam an hardcore kotor fan not only the games the comic's to. i just want to ask couple questions about malak . but before answering please bring proof of your answers if you have none hold your selfs please. 1. how malak got hes jaw injured and when . ( i heard that was from a lightsaber or a laser blast ) 2. if he got injured by someone who ?. 3. where malak from ?. 4. how old he is. if these questions look stupid . its just couple question i was asking my self while playing kotor games. :D
  21. dude your the kind of ppl who talk wiout solid proof of what you said .. i have did a tut and a video to proof everything . you just look to dont understand after this post i wont reply before your post because you dont know what your talking about.. its my last try to make you understand. the enemy dont have time to break my god dam shield energy because i kill before he do anything els. end of story . the only 1 time nihilus hited me was because i was wearing a shhiti sith robe for the show. and no way a consulars with 10 str can 2 shot every npc its will be more about 30 hits to kill something because they wont touch anything because of lacks of STR and even with my STR its hard to get 100 % chance on hit wich is very important for a Guardian/Marauder same thing about Force resist for a Consular stats build. who cares about HP/DEF/Dodge rate , if nothing can dmg you because you kill them before they break your shield . now i hope i have been enough clear if still you want to argu make your own build and show it by a video like me .
  22. OverPowered Godzilla (OPG) ok i didnt understand your point . :D now its clear. and Darth silion thanks .. :D
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