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  1. As a matter of fact ... I have The problem is that Vista does not come shipped with DirectX 8, which is what Pure Pazaak and a lot of other homemade VB games use for sound. Here are the steps if you want to play it in Vista. 1. Google up and download dx8vb.dll 2. If you are on Vista 32-bit (most would be I'm assuming), then copy it to Windows\System32, and run "regsvr32 dx8vb.dll". If you are on Vista 64-bit then use the Windows\SysWOW64 folder instead. If you don't understand this then just do some quick searching. You'll probably come across more detailed instructions on how
  2. haha, I still finished first with the font, sounds, features/options, etc. Yeah like I said I was prob too busy (even more so now :sad: ) so I wouldn't have been able to do much anyway. Besides always better to have more than just "one" game anyway. All of these problems seem to be related to the dependencies not being installed properly (since I don't put Pure Pazaak into an installer *). I don't have Vista btw so I can't verify this works or not. 1. Install the VB6 SP6 runtimes again. I don't know if there are separate downloads for XP and Vista. If you've already tried i
  3. Yep you're spot on pazaakman. I did the opposite (increased the DPI) to test and the problem appeared. As for a program fix, I'm not sure (as usual a couple of early ideas though but in general a lot of effort )
  4. Another victim of the weird button bug . At least you're active and I can ask you to try out some things to help track down the problem: 1. Do the new kep mappings in v1.2.4 put in to get around this problem actually get around the problem? 2. If so, do you have any issues with the main game playing screen? 3. Could you post a screenie up of the equivalent problems using the K2 interface? (as with Q2, also the main game screen if you can reach it at all)
  5. The new website has finally gone live, up and running! http://purepazaak.collateraldesign.co.uk/ which is a godsend compared to the old site Frontpage job used for years: http://purepazaak.collateraldesign.co.uk/old_site/ The "inspiraton" for the design came from this picture I found while Googling Ofcourse comments/suggestions/criticisms of the site welcome!
  6. Done ... I think. Keys have been mapped to buttons. ENTER = Continue 1,2,3 = Deck, Buy, Sell mode change Space = Trade Just remember that sometimes the buttons are *supposed* to be invisible, e.g., no card trading in Arcade mode 1.2.4 Released: - Fix: Assigned keys to menu and deck screens for a button-bug workaround. See forum post. - Fix: Splash screen "tab order" (pressing tab now goes onto the correct next field) - Fix: All the drop down boxes in the options screen now correctly make a clicky noise - Other: Renamed "Normal" AI to "Pure Pazaak" just to avoid some potentia
  7. haha, yeh I've had that feeling before. For those interested at how card draws are done, it's pretty simple. At the start of every set, the deck is reset to contain 40 cards (4 of each number). On each card draw, it chooses a number and subtracts it from the number remaining - that's it. No checks or anything to see what either player has btw I've had a few ideas PM'd to me over time and I do want to do them ... eventually, but way too busy with final year Uni to. But I'll list them anyway just so they're on record so I won't forget either if I ever get round to it : - Have the
  8. Whoa wait wait...you've actually reached the end of the campaign? That is first time I've read of anyone reaching the end . You're either very lucky, truly skillful (from what I've heard my AI was too good ), or just very very patient.
  9. No that's the same thing that happens in K2. The tiebreaker has to be the final card played in that set (you play that card to create the tie, and you win)
  10. Ok in that case it probably isn't a program bug (as such from my fault anyway) but some Windows/VB quirk on some systems where the game window size is not matching the rest of the screen...for some reason
  11. OK I think I know what's happening. Probably just a bug using the K1 interface since I never tested it much. Switch the K2 interface and see if that fixes it - besides, the K2 interface is so much better to begin with
  12. Uhh, I don't get you (there are so many OKs). Post up a screen shot.
  13. Heya guys! No, there's nothing new with Pure Pazaak. Just that nothing seems to need doing with it, although I did remove the website link from the splash screen incase it changes again or just dies. So why I have come out of the shadows to post? I recently got a Nintendo DS Lite, and my cousin wondered what it would be like if Pazaak was on it...so I put together a "concept art" pic; and here it is. or for those who want a superimposed fake on some Googled up photo What do you guys think? (I'll just clarify to you now, it most likely won't happen cos I would have no i
  14. I made an HK-47 desktop theme a (long) while ago which has some sounds (converted from the KotOR 1 files) so take a look and see if there are any you can use: http://files.filefront.com/KotOR+Theme+v12...;/fileinfo.html
  15. I take it you have a 20" Widescreen like me then (1680x1050 resolution). The matching 4:3 resolution is 1400x1050, but that is not a "standard" (common) resolution as such - the next closest commonly used res is 1280x1024 on 17"/19" monitors. (I don't have KotOR installed so can't check the res' I can choose from)
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