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  1. As a matter of fact ... I have The problem is that Vista does not come shipped with DirectX 8, which is what Pure Pazaak and a lot of other homemade VB games use for sound. Here are the steps if you want to play it in Vista. 1. Google up and download dx8vb.dll 2. If you are on Vista 32-bit (most would be I'm assuming), then copy it to Windows\System32, and run "regsvr32 dx8vb.dll". If you are on Vista 64-bit then use the Windows\SysWOW64 folder instead. If you don't understand this then just do some quick searching. You'll probably come across more detailed instructions on how to "install" this file when you search it up to download anyway. *** This is in violation of the EULA. Microsoft takes no responsibility blah blah blah *** As a general post/update, about a month before I started fulltime work, I got "semi-motivated" to do a bit of a PP revamp with some changes. At this stage don't expect anything yet though. I'm still settling down to working life, etc. and yet to get normal/regular free time where I can game or work on Pazaak, etc. Had some big changes in mind too; perhaps too big/too many which might make it never happen overall: - automatically temporarily register the above file so it works with Vista. For those wondering I still standby my decision not to use those VB installer packages/deployers you can use. I hate installers for things that don't need installing! - change campaign mode where you "clean out" your opponent instead - (toughest/most impossible) Multiplayer server game program (think Game lobby, etc.) so still uses DirectIP/Winsock, but it goes through the server. - On a similar vein, more than 2 players in a match, i.e. observer mode.
  2. haha, I still finished first with the font, sounds, features/options, etc. Yeah like I said I was prob too busy (even more so now :sad: ) so I wouldn't have been able to do much anyway. Besides always better to have more than just "one" game anyway. All of these problems seem to be related to the dependencies not being installed properly (since I don't put Pure Pazaak into an installer *). I don't have Vista btw so I can't verify this works or not. 1. Install the VB6 SP6 runtimes again. I don't know if there are separate downloads for XP and Vista. If you've already tried installing them as per the troubleshooting, then you shouldn't need to again, not that there's any harm I suppose. 2. Move the two OCX files (comctl32 and mswinsck into the Windows\System32 directory. 3. Try running Pure Pazaak again (maybe needs a reboot too) 4. If it still has the same error, go into command prompt (Run -> command, or is it Run -> cmd) 5. Run these commands to register these controls manually: regsvr32 comctl32.ocx regsvr32 mswinsck.ocx 6. (Reboot?) and try PP again. * Reason why I don't package it into an installer is cos for most people the game runs fine from the get go after the unzip, and I personally hate these little programs which install extra crap and clog up the Add/Remove programs list (especially when all that's needed to "uninstall" is to just delete the game folder).
  3. Yep you're spot on pazaakman. I did the opposite (increased the DPI) to test and the problem appeared. As for a program fix, I'm not sure (as usual a couple of early ideas though but in general a lot of effort )
  4. Another victim of the weird button bug . At least you're active and I can ask you to try out some things to help track down the problem: 1. Do the new kep mappings in v1.2.4 put in to get around this problem actually get around the problem? 2. If so, do you have any issues with the main game playing screen? 3. Could you post a screenie up of the equivalent problems using the K2 interface? (as with Q2, also the main game screen if you can reach it at all)
  5. The new website has finally gone live, up and running! http://purepazaak.collateraldesign.co.uk/ which is a godsend compared to the old site Frontpage job used for years: http://purepazaak.collateraldesign.co.uk/old_site/ The "inspiraton" for the design came from this picture I found while Googling Ofcourse comments/suggestions/criticisms of the site welcome!
  6. Done ... I think. Keys have been mapped to buttons. ENTER = Continue 1,2,3 = Deck, Buy, Sell mode change Space = Trade Just remember that sometimes the buttons are *supposed* to be invisible, e.g., no card trading in Arcade mode 1.2.4 Released: - Fix: Assigned keys to menu and deck screens for a button-bug workaround. See forum post. - Fix: Splash screen "tab order" (pressing tab now goes onto the correct next field) - Fix: All the drop down boxes in the options screen now correctly make a clicky noise - Other: Renamed "Normal" AI to "Pure Pazaak" just to avoid some potential confusion with "K2" Note: You do NOT need to download this if you have no problem playing the game as it is. Download link: http://files.filefront.com/Pure+Pazaak+v12...;/fileinfo.html Also, at this very moment, I'm trying to improve the web page (offline on my own comp). I haven't decided on a new design or anything so it'll probably look no different. Just that I'm implementing some of the stuff I've learnt since last update, like CSS, PHP, etc. Plus it "should", even with my n00b HTML skills, be much better than what FrontPage spits out. btw, for those looking for a Pazaak game where you clear out the computer opponent and don't want to wait for me (especially if I never end up doing it ), you can play his game here; a clone-of-a-clone you could say. http://pazaakcantina.freeprojekt.org/
  7. haha, yeh I've had that feeling before. For those interested at how card draws are done, it's pretty simple. At the start of every set, the deck is reset to contain 40 cards (4 of each number). On each card draw, it chooses a number and subtracts it from the number remaining - that's it. No checks or anything to see what either player has btw I've had a few ideas PM'd to me over time and I do want to do them ... eventually, but way too busy with final year Uni to. But I'll list them anyway just so they're on record so I won't forget either if I ever get round to it : - Have the campaign credits based rather than wins based (i.e. clean-out the other player of credits) - Hot keys assigned to menu buttons to at least let people with the button-bug above to reach the main game, where keyboard control already exists ... to some degree. - (my own thing) Make a decent web page Eh well, before I disappear back to work, thanks everyone who have, or still are, playing and hope you've enjoyed it.
  8. Whoa wait wait...you've actually reached the end of the campaign? That is first time I've read of anyone reaching the end . You're either very lucky, truly skillful (from what I've heard my AI was too good ), or just very very patient.
  9. No that's the same thing that happens in K2. The tiebreaker has to be the final card played in that set (you play that card to create the tie, and you win)
  10. Ok in that case it probably isn't a program bug (as such from my fault anyway) but some Windows/VB quirk on some systems where the game window size is not matching the rest of the screen...for some reason
  11. OK I think I know what's happening. Probably just a bug using the K1 interface since I never tested it much. Switch the K2 interface and see if that fixes it - besides, the K2 interface is so much better to begin with
  12. Uhh, I don't get you (there are so many OKs). Post up a screen shot.
  13. Heya guys! No, there's nothing new with Pure Pazaak. Just that nothing seems to need doing with it, although I did remove the website link from the splash screen incase it changes again or just dies. So why I have come out of the shadows to post? I recently got a Nintendo DS Lite, and my cousin wondered what it would be like if Pazaak was on it...so I put together a "concept art" pic; and here it is. or for those who want a superimposed fake on some Googled up photo What do you guys think? (I'll just clarify to you now, it most likely won't happen cos I would have no idea how to program it )
  14. I made an HK-47 desktop theme a (long) while ago which has some sounds (converted from the KotOR 1 files) so take a look and see if there are any you can use: http://files.filefront.com/KotOR+Theme+v12...;/fileinfo.html
  15. I take it you have a 20" Widescreen like me then (1680x1050 resolution). The matching 4:3 resolution is 1400x1050, but that is not a "standard" (common) resolution as such - the next closest commonly used res is 1280x1024 on 17"/19" monitors. (I don't have KotOR installed so can't check the res' I can choose from)
  16. I've never seen the video either so I don't know if it's a cutscene or dialog thing, but if you're on PC couldn't you just get a save game just before the video?
  17. Agreed. I had my HK-47 on the same path. Disrupter Rifle with that Critical Hit upgrade (both damage and range - I don't remember the name of the upgrade) and all the feats mentioned. BANG, instant over 50% damage in a hit :D
  18. Yeh I just realised that it's for Xbox rather than just XBox style. I googled up XBox 360 Controller for PC but so far it's still only corded. There's a dongle you can buy to connect any XBox 360 wireless device to PC but I'm not that unhappy after exams to spend that much overall. (well whether I say that after the event will be another thing) Just checked local prices; wired XBox 360 controller for PC is the same price as the Cordless Rumblepad 2. With that; I would probably go the Logitech Rumblepad 2 since I would put Cordless over just a swap of D-Pad/Stick and very slightly mould. Heh, although the Logitech Chillstream (corded X360 but nice silver look and air fan thingies) might be enough to go corded.
  19. Are the old XBox controllers the same as X360 controllers? Looks like it. Found this: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products...,CONTENTID=8182
  20. Also on the XBox360 controllers, I had a hold of one today at a department store (didn't actually look up to play the demo game though) and it did feel a bit better (the PS2 console was right next to it ), although I think that was more for the way it was generally molded rather than the fact that the D-pad and wheel were swapped.
  21. OK I can get either a corded or cordless Logitech Rumblepad 2. Corded is obviously cheaper (quite a bit actually). Usually I would say "cordless functionality" is not worth $xx, but because I'm buying this on the premise of post-exam-morale-boost I don't mind spending that extra bit.
  22. There are heaps of "refurbished" Logitech Cordless Action gamepads for PS2 going from an eBay store relatively cheaply compared to a new Cordless Rumblepad 2 for PC. Would this work on the PS2/USB adapter? I've read that the wireless receivers draw a lot more power so I'm not sure.
  23. LOL. Sheeshes; that looks like a beauty (I haven't checked the local AUS prices yet ... I can see it now ) But feature wise it's great too; just one AA compared to 4 for the Logitech means less weight. I've yet to physically try either so dunno if the Logitech is too weighty or not. It doesn't have to be exact PS2 form factor; it's just that the main use for it right is now for PS emulator (Bishi Bashi for those curious), and this pad still covers the PS2 form - just a few extra buttons. Yeh that's what I'm using now and was just gonna add on, but as said, decided to get something a bit more proper for PC - more satisfaction/morale boosting. Never mind: You can't get the Saitek P2900 here in Aus. Heck you can't even get the P2600.
  24. I'm trying to find a gamepad to pickup after finishing exams in about a month. Was originally just gonna get a normalish PS2 controller for the adapter I have but all the stress has broken me to indulge a bit more. So I'm looking for a Wireless PC Gamepad/controller in the PS2 design. Something like the Logitech Wireless Action controller, but with normal USB plug for PC use. So far I've found this: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products...,CONTENTID=9069 But it looks fugly compared to the PS2 version. Any other suggestions?
  25. Good to know you got it fixed. "All your base...", LOL, nice touch Zaturn.
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