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  1. it is a widescreen monitor, though i am not looking for a widescreen "mode" just trying to figure out why the highest resolution that appears is 1280x1024. do you think it is because I have an LCD monitor? It doesn't make sense to me, as i can run view the desktop in multiple resolutions with black bars.
  2. what resolutions above 1280x1050 are supported? 1600x900? 1680x1050? Any ideas why my GEforce 7900 GTX system and Dell 20055FPW wouldnt be able to display them (the game doesn't know the 7900 GTX is good, it says it prefers a card higher than a GeForce 4 ti or better.) I'd really like to play this game again in it's full glory (the first time I played, I had everything toned down. I want to see everyhing in the best way possible.) Any help here would be hot
  3. I have looke at different places on the net and haven't found a definitive answer. Does this game support resolutions above 1280x1024? Tweakguides.com says it does. The troubleshooting guide with the game talks about ways to get higher resolutions by fiddling with monitor settings. Is it possible?
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