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  1. you don't actually own your own speeder you rent one out for each race.
  2. inteligence improves the dc of your critical shot you should go as a watchmen/assasin so that after you stun you get the sneak attack. a good disrupter rifle is the charrac. it's threat range can be improved to 15-20. but using 2 mandolorian disintigrators doubles your chance of a critical hit the only problem with blasters is killing jedi. they like to reflect your blater bolts back at you and slice you up really quick.
  3. I always find a bronze crystal in the lightsaber revan drops.
  4. If that still doesn't work then your disk is probably damaged. My copy of morrowind has a few damaged areas despite appearing to be perfectly intact. I've heard that the data on any storage device decays over time.
  5. I think you've got it confused with 'Jedi Power Battles'. Ive played it, and it's much like the ROTS video game; a button masher, with some weird visuals that keep moving around whenever you jump or go onto the next level. I'd rate it around 4/10, atleast. it's not a button masher it's a stick shaking platformer. you travel through levels jumping, falling, solving puzzles, and slicing through enimies with the thumbstick
  6. It looks like someone replaced the modual of an eban hawk meeting with the dantoine landind modual
  7. That's one of the major reasons I enjoy playing Morrowind; everything is to scale except the weight of items and the amount of weight a person can carry (killograms and pounds are too heavy, but if the weight are in hectograms or deci-pounds then they are some what realistic). on topic Peragus and telos are both too slow. Peragus should be slow because it's the advanced toutorial but telos should be faster. A better plot would require the exile to build a lightsaber to fight the enemies. Instead of Telos being a hurdel it could be a haven ware you can build a lightsaber and train for the fight ahead. but that would be a jump from the belly of the whale to the road of trials and you need the first threshold in between or at least that how I remember the sequence. (this is an allusion of which I don't care to explian at this point) Narr Shadda there has to be a beefy part of the game ware you get butt load of expirence, items, allignment points, and party members. Ondreon/Duxn and Narr Shadda both fullfill this role. Korriban korriban is short because of the infamus cut content. It was supposed to work like Duxn/Ondreon, you were supposed to find some evidence in the accadimey that lonna vash and her padawan left for M4-78 the droid planet. A large planet with enough moduales and quest to legitamatly get to leval 50. Dantoine felt just a little too short and the merchants should have returned after the attack.
  8. Kung Fu Panda was good but I found it more of an action movie then the comedy the trailers show. I also finally got to see No Country for Old Men the antagonist was played really well and was vary creepy. He always had me on edge while he was on screen. tomy lee jones played a vary convincing sheriff. The role really exemplifies the title. I liked the end but some people might make the same compliant about the Sopronos season finally with the end of the movie.
  9. Once Upon in China II Jet Li does a good job playing Wong Fie Hong. The plot's and aerial acrobatics are a lot better then the first film. The fights are also much more elaborate. Also the charrectors seem more develop than in the first movie.
  10. Fable is no ware near hack and slash. gauntlet is hack and slash fable is adventure. My only problem with fable is that it's so short, the lost chapters can be beaten in about 12 hours. However you can continue to play after you complete the story, if you're patient enough to wait through the credits. This will allow you to gain experience, money, items, and land till you get bored.
  11. ghosta


    We just finished reading Always Running in class. I recommend it to teenagers and young adults.
  12. but what about the female demograohic?
  13. cause they degenerated into weaklings. thier old wolves that try to fight with out fangs. in other words there fools bound to fighting evan into old age, because that's all they know.
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