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  1. It may still be the problem. Try an earlier save, as I said. will do thanks. and what about my guys head going by by i mean i was playing then all of a sudden boom it froze then it was gone???
  2. oh alright thanks but the save game works perfectly works every where else.
  3. Why is it that star wars kotor 2 keeps on freezing at the loading screen to get in to the flight area on telos this is the first time i played through telos on my 360 (cod4, halo 3, etc. got boring) so i played through star wars kotor 2 on my xbox 360 and i got to telos with little problems and when you are released from arrest and i talked to czerka and the ithroian and when i tried to go to the docking bay it froze and what was wierd was that my disk had a few small scratches and every time i tried to go through the door it froze in the same spot every time!!!!!! and my guys head dissapeared so i would appreciate it if any one could tell me why because i do not want to get it for my pc and i do not want to start over again. thanks.
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