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  1. wow, this is the first topic i made in any forum that has more than one page of replies
  2. you dont need to be dark side to use storm. even on light side mastery, it tears through anything it its path. im also a light sider, but you know, all the light side powers are buffs or stuff like that, no offensive ones, so i use 1 or 2 dark side powers.
  3. ive played through 3 1/4 times. 1. jedi watchman 2. jedi master 3. jedi weapon master 1/4. dark side person (didnt make it off telos yet, and i dont intend to.) murdering innocents, it just doesnt feel right to me. i think i might have encountered cyan, not sure. cant remember. but im sure i didnt get silver or bronze. if i did, then im pretty sure silver would be my favorite.
  4. i thought that force crush was universal. i never used it so i dont remember.
  5. if i put "Dont care" on the droids list, would you have said "dont care"?
  6. srry i have never encountered silver before
  7. mine would be: T3-M4 violet and storm. yours? EDIT: whoops, i forgot mining droid mark 1, 2, and tank droid
  8. i found the onderon one the easiest for me... only took me 2 tries to complete course with no crashes
  9. maybe i should just copy and paste this: interact with someone/something and it should move afterwards, unless you dont have the same problem i do.
  10. interact with someone/something. if that dosnt work then you have a different problem than me.
  11. same prob as OP. when you cant move, you can just talk to someone, or interact with something to allow you to move, but when standing in the middle of nowhere with noone around and nothing to interact with, you will have to save/continue. yes, a really loud buzzing noise when there shouldnt be any noise at all. and EXTREMELY patchy to the point where if you use any force powers it has a 7% chance of freezing. one problem that happens to me is when it says: ___________________________ l..please reconnect controller and..l l.......press START to continue......l l...............@ continue................l l___________________________l while my controllers completely plugged in, when i take the game out, the controller works. i just dont know
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