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  1. Qimtiq...tentacle big fella, can't miss him, it, whatever
  2. I just found this and I'm having the same problem...Is there any fix for this?
  3. Well, everytime I start this one my bike is too high in the air and I immediately bump into it and it ruins my chances of winning...am I suppoed to use any certain controls to lower my bike or is it bugged?
  4. Heh, didn't think this would become such an issue for argument...about a minute after I started this thread I saw in-game the info pointed out on the picture posted by Deadly Nightshade.
  5. Swxpert is the closest... the only thing to do is just to try to trigger the cut scene and that only happens when you enter the main area with the Hawk. Or if you can, go back to a previous save. Unfortunately, I wound up with this bug on my first play through and never did get it resolved. Thinking that I'd just missed something, I went on to the other planets and completed all of them then went back to Nar Shaddaa. After 30+ hours of gameplay and countless entries & exits to the refugee sector, I gave up and started the whole game over. Hopefully you have some recent saved gam
  6. I'm completely stuck at Nar Shaddaa. I did all the things I needed to do to annoy the exchange, watched all the cutscenes...yet now I've left the Ebon Hawk and cannot re-enter, yet I CAN switch party members...I've already read a FAQ about this particular section and I know I'm supposed to get a message from Atton...but nothing's happening, broken game situation... Anyone familiar with this bug? or is it something that I have missed? I also took the mission from the Hutt dude but I don't know where to find the Goto fellow...I assume I should "run into him?" Any help would be greatly ap
  7. I was wondering which of the weapon feats go along with the Dual-Bladed sabers...I only see Two Weapon and Dueling, what feat is used for Double-Bladed Sabers?
  8. I just recently re-installed this game...finished KOTOR again and just felt like more However, there is a bug that's almost game-breaking to me...almost everytime I finish a battle with ANY opponent, my WSAD movement keys don't work and I have to quick-save and quick-load to get them working again...I have the most recent patch installed...what could be the problem?
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