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  1. well as the topic says i cant use my save game editor. Well first off..i had the game installed awhile ago and well i uninstalled it and then 2 days ago i reinstalled it and well kse finds my old save games which i dont have anymore and its kind of ticking me off..but where do i put the file that comes with it? in the override?
  2. Hey! I found your wrist console! Link to it from that thread you made. ;)

  3. i am working on a mod...and i need all the party out for it...and i am making a vid...i will release further details of this mod once i get farther into it and i cant get the console because the only working one that i can find is on pcgamemods.com and its gone but i used a different thing
  4. dont deal with it....start over but first download skip peragus mod and you can skip telos if you want http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.c...agus;41139-skip peragus
  5. i have vista and i just got a patch and ran it as administrator the only problem i have is sometimes it finishes a cutscene and then it goes to a start screen that i cant do anyhting about it except ctrl+alt+del and exit it out
  6. a mod where i can have all the party? like this person
  7. i watched bio-dome yesterday stephen baldwin and pauly shore ftw
  8. Let me guess; Windows Vista? It has a nasty ability to not allow *.ini changes. I hear copying to the desktop and then back is a quick "fix". yupp vista it is
  9. ya i have...it works on my old computer but this one it doesnt
  10. no it wont work...the character should freeze but it doesnt and i got it b/c its in the savegame editor
  11. i cant use the whereami band b/c the cheat console dont work on mine
  12. its an ok game...you can be a list of jedis including adi-gallia ki-adi-mundi obi-wan qui-gonn eeth koth mace windu plo koon saesee tin i gave it a 6/10
  13. i can make you one i need to know render: colors: size: text:
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