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    My birthday is July 3, just not 2003. I'll leave you all wondering whether I am 8 or 45. Its good fun. <br /><br />For the record, neither.

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  1. Halo: Evolutions - Essential Tales of the Halo Universe Multiple authors Many short stories from the Halo universe
  2. What would I... Some soft, gooey chocolate chip cookies sound great!
  3. Priest. Pretty good! They (Priests) me of the Jedi a bit.
  4. Extensive mopping of the floor. Took quite a while. Is it notable that the floor here is wooden, here since the construction of this building in the 19th century? Being in America that's very rare.
  5. Went shopping. We bought $300.50 of groceries.
  6. Monitored some eBay biz. Sat around on IW forum. Ate cereal.
  7. One thing is certain... they're on the way down.
  8. American citizen and al Qaeda terrorist Anwar Awlaki was killed today in a drone strike. Big win for the U.S. and Yemen president, who is facing increasingly strong opposition. They say al Qaeda is becoming more and more irrelevant in the arab-spring movement. They're not toppling dictators. They're not supporting democracy. Al Qaeda and terrorism is becoming obsolete as the internet age brings more and more people worldwide into the reality of the world today. The means of how people live in the Middle East is changing, improving, modernizing. Eventually this movement would have encompassed the globe and we'll all be on the same level, no more "third world."
  9. The Girl who played with Fire. Ah yes, thanks!
  10. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (whatever the second one in series is) Its Swedish but with English language track, pretty good.
  11. what are you doing devoting your profile to Modern Crapfare? huh? :shifty:

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