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  1. I'm not sure if they fixed it, but on my version Master Speed doesn't work with Sniper Shot.
  2. One thing is that the specialization only adds one point of damage (two at the second level). The second thing is that Pistols have, once again, DOUBLE the upgrades. Therefore, when upgraded well, Pistols, which already outdamage the Blaster Rifle, should be able to wreak havoc damage-wise. I think I'll be going Dual Blaster Pistol. Besides being better number-wise, I want to pretty much be a demolition man, meaning that dual pistols, which generally represent the "faster" style, would fit.
  3. I can't decide whether to give my player a Blaster Rifle or Dual Blaster Pistols. It's going to be based around Force Speed and Rapid Fire for extra attacks. Dual Blaster Pistols would make more sense for this as this setup gives them 6 extra shots (2*2 for Force Speed and 1*2 for Rapid Fire). However, Blaster Rifle gives 3 more powerful attacks. Basically, a single Blaster Pistol would do 2 attacks per attack action, a Blaster Rifle would do 3, and Dual Blaster Pistols would do 4. Respectively, with max Speed and Rapid Fire, it goes to 5(2+3)/6(3+3)/10(4+6). The bad side is that Dual Wie
  4. I'm pretty sure it's just Windows Vista being Windows Vista (i.e. taking up 2x more RAM for every program than necessary). Either that or Toshiba won't let you use your processor to the max because of heating issues (which Toshiba laptops seem to always have). My suggestion would be to download Game Booster or some other program that clears out all unnecessary programs.
  5. How about the force form that gives you massive regeneration? That makes it so you never run out >.>.
  6. I know a lot of people have a lot of trouble beating Kreia with a consular. But my friend just decided to use Force Crush on her over and over and over until she died... WTF?
  7. I heard this before. It's only if you lag really really badly. Get a faster computer or else I can't help you.
  8. That's where the Wisdom and Stun is for. If I can stun them before they cast Force Deflection (which I probably can), then I can own their ass.
  9. This is happening to me too. I have a US version, and it won't let me patch it. I just reinstalled it, however, and maybe I missed too many patches. Where can I find an archive of all manual patches?
  10. I find swinging lightsabers in KOTOR 1 and 2 like swinging glowing sausages in a massive sausage fest. Melee weapons... normal sausages. Can't wait to dual wield sausages >.>.
  11. I heard a Blaster Rifle Jedi can be good if you get the right feats and force powers. I was thinking about making a Jedi Sentinel with these feats and powers: Feats: Critical Shot/Power Shot level 3 (I'm pretty sure a second tier for these don't exist) Point Blank Shot level 3 (same here, I'm not sure if a second tier exists) Precision Shot level 5 Blaster Rifle Weapon level 3 (2nd tier is only for Guardian) Rest is just defensive stuff like increase HP, FP, and that crap Powers: Force Heal - 3 Stun - 3 Meditation - 3 Deflection - 2 Valor - 3 Speed - 3 Force Push - 3
  12. Yeah well, +1 int from T3 (14 int + 1 from implant or something) isn't that important for my Jedi. And I let Atton or Bao-Dur do everything that I can't.
  13. Well, I just gave it for the idea. I found the only two stats important in this game are constitution (for everyone) and wisdom (for consular). I also found dexterity useful for blaster wielding Jedi, but seriously, you only need up to 18 or 20, no more than that. I just want a high starting strength so I don't have to wait until the 3rd dual feat to actually hit something with dual wield.
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