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  1. So "What is a Sith'ari?" was a option in the poll and many people voted on it, yet I haven't seen ask what it is? So what is it?
  2. Yes yes it was. It was also incredibly boring finding the jedi master...
  3. Agreed. Go on XBOX Live and download the latest updates/patches.
  4. Also to add I hope if there is a KOTOR III that it will run well on Windows XP and older video cards. I hate how more and more PC games now are requiring newer video cards. I bought my computer in 04' and it came with a ATI Radeon X300. P.S PLEASE don't make it a MMO!
  5. ...so how's Nar Shadaa? Eh having some trouble-it's kind of confusing compared to the other planets. It is not as straight forward. I'm having trouble finding the Jedi Master.
  6. I can only hope they will take their time on KOTOR III. (If there is one) I hope that they will focus more so on quality than quantity and rushing to get the game out. Finally I hope that KOTOR III will not be as unstable and buggy as KOTOR I and II were.
  7. Um I guess some of you didn't take a close look at this thread or specifically my reply, lol.
  8. What went wrong is he was manipulated by Emperor Palpatine. Not to mention the fact that if it was not for Quin-Gon this would never have happened.
  9. @ babydol Thanks for the link (even though it seemed to be more of a reply to a different person, lol) I have seen that pack in stores-however I have Empire at War. So it would be pointless for me to get this pack.
  10. OT: Does anyone know where KOTOR 1 (PC version) is sold? I can't seem to find it at any stores.
  11. Thanks for these but how do i use them as an avatar? It didn't work-I get this message. (see below) The error returned was: Sorry, but the URL you entered for your avatar was incorrectly formatted or the link is not valid.
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