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  1. http://prisonplanet.com/articles/August200...6_b_Warning.htm Spread the word before it's to late.
  2. It's been two years...two years since I posted this. But now I have to post it again. http://www.forceacademy.com/Lightsaber/lig...factfiction.htm
  3. No...I leave that to the professionals.
  4. Did anyone actually go to the site and checkout the stuff? Didn't you see the videos of them using the lasers to cut through things and light matches?
  5. Has anyone checked out wickedlasers.com they seem to be pretty close to deveoping real light sabers.
  6. How much of this is actually cannon though?
  7. Why isn't this in the spoilers or General forum?
  8. Ummm...technically wasn't Vader and Palps Jedi too?
  9. My poor little topic, lol I also think that we should be able to explore the ENTIRE planet. Ad as far as the game times go...are counting how long you set the controler down to go grab some snacks?
  10. Because I'vebeen a way for awhile at work and didn't feel like searching through this place
  11. http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/43633/...ashed_PS3_.html A trailer to the next Star Wars game...the trailer is all I know about it.
  12. I believe this was an unfinished quest which you should have gotten XP for had the fuel quest beeen complete.
  13. Whats the deal with making all the sith lords grey and rotten looking. I mean, the only reason Palpatine was like that was cause of his force lighting that got shot back at him and Anakin that way cause of the fire burning his skin. I really don't see why all the sith lords are being portrayed as "rotting."
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