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  1. Thanks, these pieces of info are useful I start having second thoughts however as I was checking various benchmarks. According to this French site, the Nvidia GTX 780M is pretty much equivalent to the Radeon R9 390M (see the benchmark for Tomb Raider - http://www.mac4ever.com/dossiers/105298_test-des-imac-4k-et-imac-5k-2015). I am therefore not entirely convinced that an imac would be a cost-effective solution for me... Better get a laptop pc for half the price and better performance...
  2. Thanks for the reply! Well, I have been using laptops for the past decade, so the alternative would have been a 1000€ toshiba or asus laptop with Geforce GTX 950. The reason why I am considering an imac is that I am literally sick and tired of Windows as my main OS. The imac would also be a "family" computer, so I get to share the total cost All I care is to be able to play those games as I would on a laptop. I just hope the huge screen will not make the games look weird or distorted.
  3. Hey guys, I was thinking of getting myself a mac for work purposes (and also because I am sick and tired of Windows 10) but I would first like to know whether I will be able to play Total war Rome 2 and some of the more recent RPGs (Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity: original sin) on it. I don't have much time for gaming these days, so these are the only games I am interested in. I have however heard various issues concerning macs (heating problems, poor graphic cards, resolution problems on the big imacs, etc.) and this is the main reason I have not bought one yet. The on
  4. I was about the post the same thing, the basic premise of the Black Hound is basically the same premise as Eternity.... so maybe we did get that story after all? Also that stained glass is very nice, great style to it and I have been really happy with similar small details you see in game like paintings and shields and such. They are all very nicely detailed. As for that backer..... seriously they dropped that much money then never responded? Insane. And if pillars of eternity does well, who knows, maybe Josh will decide to make another game with the same engine but with TBH sce
  5. I must have some archives on the Black Hound project somewhere in one of my USB keys if you are interested. There was only one screenshot though. All the rest was concept art, which you can find on Vance Kovacs' website.
  6. Who dares call my name? Dang. It worked! Do I get three wishes? Nope, you get 3 curses instead
  7. My gaming habits have changed quite a bit since I acquired an ipad and I have been playing games almost exclusively on this platform ever since. I see that SO:tSoT has a quite simple interface that could be adapted touch-gaming. Has Obsidian ever considered porting this game to iOS and Android? Cheers
  8. If I remember well, Obsidian bought back all the concept art from Interplay, so they legally re-use the story and characters. They will just have to incorporate these features in a new setting.
  9. But do you have any plans of recycling TBH's story (which sounded extremely cool and promising btw)?
  10. It seems that there won't be a CRPG using the d&d franchise in the foreseeable future, so I have been wondering why no one is thinking of making a CRPG using the Pathfinder rules and universe. The idea was suggested on these boards some time ago but got dropped at some point. The Pathfinder system is very interesting and quite innovative. It would be a shame not to use it for a computer game. With the genre's decline, I am sure it will become a blockbuster if done the right way. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/
  11. No, just no... Let it rest, pal... Snif... *stab myself* More seriously, you must not be aware that I have been trying since 2004 to ressurect this project. Yes, I was young and naive back then. I kept sending countless messages to Feargus, Sawyer and even to some PR guy from Atari that used to post on message boards. The answer was always negative: IP rights, engine that was aging and becoming less competitive, Sawyer not wanting his baby to become a commercial project, etc. I had foreseen the RPG genre's decline and I did my best to persuade all these people that TBH wou
  12. Enjoy the french countryside! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_fvEAwQw9A
  13. Nooooooooo!!! Don't mess with one of my favourite movies!!!
  14. Just passing by... I saw my name, so I couldn't resist posting something. I do hope that Obz is making IWDIII btw!
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