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  1. That would be sweet, he could have the same body design but with more arms and a cloak attatched to make him look the buissness, and when threatend by a Jedi he could whip out 4 red lightsabres and whoop his ass! I can just imagine it now: Jedi: Ha! the Sith send a droid after me, im insulted i'm just going to cut of your head and send it back to your master. HK-60: Amused threat: Oh, no meatbag you missunderstand, it is i who will send your head back to the council. HK-60 ignites his 4 read lightsabres Jedi: Wh..a..t? h..ow, thats imposible! Droids can't use lightsabres! HK-60: Statement: With the Dark side, anything is possible meatbag! HK-60 quickly cuts off the Jedi's head, as the head rolls towards HK-60's legs, he picks it up and says the Sith code.
  2. LOL, Alec that is an intereting view of what happened, i bet that something like that did infact happen. HK-47 may be good, but he is still not good enough to fight a Jedi let alone a Sith lord, unless he had more arms and lightsabre's...
  3. Ok this RP is falling to pieces, let's get back to my last post ok?
  4. All the positions seem to have been filled, the only empty one is Manndalore, if anyone wants to be him? This thread is starting to bear fruit and that's good, i'm glad that nearly all the positions have been filled, though i am surprised that HK-47 was not taken up sooner, he is a popular char. Ok back to the story: Little does GO-TO know, but that ion granade he just threw away was just the casing, the actual explosive core buried itself into his memmory core, i will let him have a flase scence of security...for now. I see handmaiden talking to Visas and walk over, ''Hey, whats up?'' i enquire. P.S. I see that this is starting to turn into a Star wars themed porn scene, dont do anything hardcore...yet.
  5. ''GO-TO, you are seriously starting to freak me out, i really don't like you spying on me thats kinda creepy, and no i won't appologise to you GO-TO instead, il just attatch this Ion granade to your memmory core, if you ever spy on me again i will detonate it, i hope you understand seeing that you're a big exchange crime boss, who happens to be hiding here becuase the Republic shot down his ship, get out here before i turn your memmory into dust!'' I quickly attach the ion granade to his memmory core and put the detonator into my pocket, thats sorted...i hope. Ok i'm going to go now guys and gals see you tomorrow.
  6. Well just so you know, i used to play WOW (World of Warcraft) and i liked to visit the WOW forums, in the WOW forums the GM's hardly ever replied to people's threads, and well i was used to it and a Moderator is kinda like a GM, they monitor the activity on the forums, so when he/she replied to my thread i was overly happy. Also why would Darque be ''to cool for this RP''?, what is the difference between mine and other people's RP's, is it because i'm new? Or is it because i'm hated here for some reason. If you want to join in Krookie just tell me who you want to be, the possibilities are: Handmaiden, HK-47 and Mandalore.
  7. Thank you Darque for your contribution, i have never had a Moderator reply to any of my threads yet, thanks! P.S. Do you want to join the RP?
  8. I walk over to T3 and pat him on his head, he beeps and me in a strange way, almost as if he is grateful, and he almost looks lonely, but that's imposible i mean he is a droid. I see Visas and she walk's over to me, ''What do you want now?'' i ask. P.S. I appologise if i upset anyone it's just that my anger got the better of me. Also i like Blackadder too Blank! :D
  9. ''Hey Visas, the floating garbage tank has suddenly turned into a poet, i can't understand a word he say's!'' GO-TO floats out of the room again, mumbling something about ''foolish human's...'' Visas turn's her head towards me, it was weird, i know she's blind but she seemed to look right at me, right into me! ''I know you are using the force to read my mind Visas but you won't find anything else other than what i have already told you'' She looks at me again then walk's out, Mira's screams have finaly ended and i hear her walking around, i sigh and wonder if this search for the Exile will bear any success, i hear angry yelling outside, i realise it is between Mandalore and Bao-Dur. I walk past Mira and she blushes slightly, i won't be surprised if everyone on Duxn did not hear her, i smile and wink slily at her, Mira walk's up to me again. ''What do you want now?'' i ask.
  10. I hear Mira's screams of pleasure and wonder why she did not do this when the Exile was around. I see GO-TO floating around the ship and wonder why is he still here? After all the Exile is gone and the only thing GO-TO wanted from him is to save the Republic and he did, these questions will be answered in time... i hope. With nothing better to do i take out my Heavy blaster and start to clean it, just then GO-TO floats into the room. ''What do you want GO-TO?'' i enquire. P.S. I am Atton, Seejai is Visas and Wannabesith is Bao-dur, thepixesrock is Mira, and Baley is GO-TO, all the empty postitions are: Handmaiden, HK-47, T3-M4 and Mandalore.
  11. Ok, we can continue this tomorrow, i dunno what time though I'l tell you what guy's, E-mail me at: road_killer17@hotmail.co.uk and tell me when you are ready to continue. Ok recap on the char positions: Atton - me Visas - Seejai Bao-Dur - Wannabesith Canderous/Mandalore - Pending GO-TO - Pending HK-47 - Pending Mira - Pending T3-M4 - Pending If you want to be a certain char just E-mail me and when i'm online i'l add you.
  12. ''Your right Bao-Dur, after Malachor V imploded he seemed to have dissapeared and took the Ebon hawk with him, good thing Mandalore has lent us his ship, i say we go to Dantooine, after all the Jedi accademy is still intact and the Exile did say he wanted to rebuild it.'' Bao-Dur suddenly walks out of the ship. ''Where do you think he's going?'' I ask Visas.
  13. i-i am sorry. i dont know what is coming over me... we must be getting close. the power or the darkside is growing... without the exiles guidance... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ''If you really want to know my whole life story Visas fine, pull up a chair...'' I tell them how i used to be a Sith Assassin, how i slaughtered countless Jedi for Revan. ''There, are you happy now Visas? i guess you might try to kill me, you know for revenge or whatever, just try it, i'm still capable of killing Jedi!''
  14. Yeah that did surprise me, i thought he would force push Dooku and rescue Obi and Anakin but he actually fought him...and beat him.
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