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  1. It's nothing to do with the DS. To feel anger is to be human. SW is just sci-fi.
  2. Perhaps... but people would use it unwisely... some for good... many for evil. Personally I prefer to see humans travel in space... I hope that dream does come true. I think it's a target we can obtain in like 50-100 years.
  3. Already done that. I need to throw my anger towards Sturm. I'm always calm with you. I'm listening to Michael Bubl
  4. Yeah, and you need to calm down, you have almost 90 posts today. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It doesn't matter. I don't care about the posts. I always wonder how some members got to have such high levels and so many posts.
  5. Actually I want to make him feel bad. I want to return all the insults he gave me. I guess he wouldn't feel happy at all.
  6. I guess so. We can use e-mail otherwise... but that is quite hard too.
  7. If I do leave... I want you to know that I appreciated your support. I guess there still is a shine of light in the world. Thanks Jesse Thanks Ina I love you But it's not over... I'm waiting for Sturm... can't wait
  8. Unfortunately the ******* Sturm is offline... I can't fight yet. I know... but evil always triumphs in the real world. Humans were always meant to have war. It's inevitable. Since the primordial age to survive, to the Romans for territory and today... for power and economy.
  9. I guess there's PMs 4 that. Otherwise chat is with Messenger or e-mail
  10. I've already tried twice in the civilized way and it didn't work... I know... that's why I asked Fionavar to consider deleting my account.
  11. Through passion I obtain strenght. If the mods do close this topic I'll keep in contact through PMs if you wish.
  12. What did you say? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> To Sturm: oh well you don't wanna know... bad words. To Fionavar: That I wish to be deleted from the forum if possible. If I don't settle down with Sturm and Co. once and 4all I'm leaving.
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