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    Star Wars, LOTR, Star Wars Galaxies, Harry Potter, Knights of the Old Republic (1 and 2), Star Wars Battlefront (not got Battlefront 2 yet), choosing my avatar from many cool species ( I might try that cool Trandoshan pic soon)........<br /><br />P.S. Sand People names include RR'uruurrr and URoRRuR'R'R. Cool.....
  1. If this is about who had the worst story, then Visas. If least favourite character, Visas, Handmaiden, Kreia and Disciple draw, and the poll's been done before anyway.
  2. I think you have to blow up G0-T0's yacht, and then when I talk to Vogga it usually works. I'm sure that's all you need to do, but maybe you need G0T0 with you as well?
  3. I love it in that certain KotOR parody-just shows me why Malak is stupid: Saul: Lord Malak, the Star Forge is operating at 200% capacity *thank god he doesn't know how to do maths* Admiral: Lord Malak, the Star Forge is operating at 600% capacity *lets see how high we can get it before he gets suspicious*
  4. Not if Nihilus was as stupid as he seemed to me. All he seemed to be able to sense was big gatherings of jedi, not one mere jedi.
  5. I remember these from the trial of Handon and Rickard on K1 Dantooine: Revan: Handon is lying Bolook: Why do you think this? Revan: Fat people always lie! Carth: lol that's quite funny but shouldn't we be concentrating on the task in hand? Revan: Rickard is lying. Bolook: Why do you think this? Revan: He's a sith spy! Bolook: This is supposed to be serious. I will tell of your failure to the council. And when the sandrals and matales meet: Sandral: Give me back my daughter. Matale: I want my son back. Revan: Nurik, Alhan did kill your son, - Revan: Die, Die, Die! - Rev
  6. I'd be able to stand he more than Vrook, Visas, Handmaiden, Bao-Dur, Disciple and Kreia.
  7. Bastila is talking to PC on dantooine: Bastila: Who are you? PC: I'm a hutt in disguise planning to take over the galaxy. Bastila: What planet are you from: PC: Kashyyyk. I'm a wookiee, can't you tell? Bastila: How old are you? PC: 3012. Looking good, aren't I? Added: Just remembered when talking to Bastila about the bond: PC: If our destinies are tied together, why do you keep blocking my undeniable charms? PC and Bastila's chats can be very funny sometimes.
  8. They 'ruined' it to make bigger profits, not to destroy the game. They probably thought we wouldn't notice that there is no kind of a good ending or explanation of wtf's going on.
  9. I'm not sure what surprised me more-Darth Vader being Luke's father or PC being Revan. They were totally unexpected (well there were very slight hints about Revan, but barely any).
  10. Looks like a brilliant modified swoop. God I wish I could draw like that-I might try sometime, but I dont think ill get the standard that I should put it on here.
  11. Maybe the force did it with her. Twisting midi-chlorians or whatever thru sex.
  12. Just because she couldnt remember a father dosnt mean he didnt have one. A jedi mindwiping her makes far more sense than any sort of immaculate conception. Heck I've known people who were just drunk not be able to remember who was the father of their baby <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Im sure that having no dad had something to do with the prophecy about Anakin. Or something about that. And I doubt they'd have it that Shmi's mind was wiped in the films-it would shock audiences that haven't played KotOR and other stuff. Im sure he had no father.
  13. OMG, you killed Kex! You b***ard! A couple of unnamed mandalorians can die, but not named ones, unless you hit a glitch, and definitely not Kelborn or Xarga, they're mission-important.
  14. I dont actually dislike Malak, I hate other characters a lot more, but those clothes are awful! The size, tatoos, missing jaw I can cope with, but if you use KSE to make a person Malak, then go on character screen, the picture of malak is stupid; he has robes from his shoulders and his waist-terrible clothes sense!
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