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  1. C3: Hello there I am C-3PO human cyborg relations. HK:Mockery:I am HK-47 Assain C3:Oh my, do you enjoy killing people Hk:Exclamtion:I live for it, it is my passion to destroy the meatbags C3:Meatbags? Hk:Mockery: They are just like you execpt have squishy and bloody parts insied of them. C3: What is that supposed to mean Hk: That you are a disgrace to droids everywhere and are embarassing me as I look at me. C3: Well I never...YOu are the Rudest peice of scrap I have ever met. Hk:Time to Die he who thinks he is a meatbag. T3: I got 50 cred on Hk R2:nah i bet 100 cred that both bl
  2. Jar Jar must be inbred or something and then he made a spice contract and used it all at once cause there is no way that any living creature in the face of the galaxy could be so stupid. I mean you have to be plain out dumb to get you toungue stuck inside a pod racer. Bindo is easily the most funny. he must of sat in his hut for 50 yrs thinking up lines for Revan. Malak is running a close second with Jar Jar for stupidity. He must be Inbred, addicted to spice, pot, cocaine, crack, meth, and opium and then grew up in the redneck capitol of the world (South Dakota) and had head trama cau
  3. OH and when will all those restoration projects be done. I am starting to get impatient.
  4. I hate the fact that the game was rushed they need to take it back and put all the stuff in they cut out then do a new grand release of KOTOR 2 the sith lords UNCUT.
  5. OH that is my favorite cutscene. The apprentice became that master (by pushing his master off the cliff, how typical)
  6. Yeah but you are forgetting that America is at (complety unneccsary and stupid ) war with iraq and terror, and if you ever play a game with economy and war in it you know war is extremley expensive. that is mainly why the US is so much more. Because bush thinks he can annihilate iraq and take all the oil but even with all our bombs and advanced smart guns there still kiking our asses. Not really sure why they are getting so many of our boys in proportion to theres.
  7. an extinct indian language. So everyone will be completly confused as to what we are saying. LIke that one south park where they combined all the languages of the world and it sounded like pig snorts. I duno if we should "annex with canada what good would it really do it might be kind of interesting to find out but would we still maintain all the civil liberties and stuff. I am not sure i gov. could handle somthing like that right now. maby when hiliary clinton is in office we could try something like that but with Bush the Baboon sitting in the oval office coloring is coloring books we ar
  8. i guesss i forgot the effects of charisma and i am just finishing dxun to answer ur question
  9. i thought they were trying to resurect fredon nadd to help them take over onderon
  10. light side male playing on pc umm...yeah maxed out all my stats and skills
  11. Is the restoration project mod ready for download or the M4-78 mod ready for download if so plz tell me i would like to get them
  12. Okay when ever i get a new party member in my team they start out pure dark side and influence isnt helping the only one not dark is Kreia. Atton goes back and forth sometimes even the t3 is darkside. there creeping me out. is there any way to correct this problem or am i stuck with pale faced phsycos.
  13. The light side of the version seems more complete. i dont think the darkside version was finished cause it just seemed icomplete and lacked alot of key things like when you go complety dark y doesnt the sith offer a truce or something
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