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  1. Well, at least i was right about the point deficits.
  2. Still, only being able to use one per round can get tiresome if your near dead and have to constantly go to the inventory screen to heal.
  3. Well, maybe I didn't get enough influence with her to get farther conversations. Either that or I'm plain ignorant.
  4. I googled it and it gave me a horrible description. Then I had to find out where it was manually.
  5. Only time will tell. If this game is anything close to KotOR though, it should be pretty good.
  6. After you get out of the pit with Hanharr/Mira, there's a door on your far left that contains the room with the Node. There are 3 Ubese in it, and after you kill all 3, you must run up to a certain section of the wall. The reticule will go blue for a second, and you must click on it to access the Node.
  7. Oh, but it does. Just be happy with the moments of Padme/Anakin and Leia/Solo.
  8. Was the last quote you used on the way to Telos? Because I have never heard it at all, ever, anywhere. Did you get it on the third playthrough?
  9. Well, its a moral victory if I can get others to see it the way I do. This would be extremely important in a game setting, as other people around you using brute force is definately helpful.
  10. Yeah, its definately a slower paced game. And its not all attacks, healing by medpacs takes turns away from you ( ).
  11. But keep in mind that Star Wars wasn't designed for sexual appeal. Perv
  12. Still brute force. Thats what happens to the enemy, their strength and vitality decreases because of the brute force attack. Nobody can hold out against a continuous attack forever.
  13. Oh yeah. I liked that guy. He was like the Iron Chef commander-in-chief, but without the likeness to Bush.
  14. How hair is handled? Oh. I see. I hope that is our femme fatale....
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