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  1. This is stupid it was so much fun why would anybody remove it???/
  2. Ok so im playing a darksided jedi cousalar, wisdom 23 all my force powers work on humans but when it comes to aliens I doesn't work. Is it just me ??
  3. I just beat the game!! A bit dissapointing but I swept throught Trayus with my Weapon master finished level 10! I guess thats pretty good. Got one question though, I didn't kill hanharr but were was MIra going? she would have died, the asssasins would kill her. And if youve played as the lightside the Ebon Hawk comes and saves you after you've killed Darth Traya is Mira on the Ship? JUst confused
  4. I never played as wathcman or assasin but is niman a good form? WHich is better Juyo or niman
  5. I love Sith Marauder or Jedi Weapon Master both a re extremly fun to play espceially if you were a guardian beforehand. Jedi weapon master has suprerior two hand fihting that rocks. ANd Enlightment is awsome with master flurry I killed atris just by using the default attack(with enlightment). One morereason that I like it is if you have a high dexterity you could see your saber(s) actualy defending against enemy attacks. Since this is only second time playing i will try jedi master for sure next it seems to be really intersting.
  6. Im confused its me again. the very first feat i ever got was PRERECONGITION. I thought it would be useful. i haven't got a single warning yet and im almost done the game???
  7. What your class? If you are darksider and joined the mercs collect the mines and place them all on the same place and make him run after you. ANd if you are a marauder it should be pretty easy same with a Sith Lord. Assassin......tough luuck. Use master flurry with Makashi if marauder. if lord then just plaque and storm/lighting ne really quick
  8. Ok hi im new here just got a quetion. I went through all the planets and just beat onderon( THE palce were you actually talk to Kavar) Im level 7 Jedi weapon master and 15 guardian am i on the right track to get a high level while later fighting traya
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