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    Western Conference: San Jose vs. Colorado - in 6 Chicago versus Nashville - in 5 Vancouver versus Los Angeles - in 4 Phoenix versus Detroit - in 5 East: Caps versus Canadiens - in 4 New Jersey versus Philly -in 7 Buffalo versus Boston - in 6 Pittsburgh versus Ottawa - in 5
  2. After tonight's 17-2 thrashing some of the braves players/fans might.
  3. Congratulations Canada. Wish they could play one more time to see who would win a series both teams winning one game leaves at least me thinking who the better team really is has yet to be decided.......
  4. Here http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_kotor2_downloads.html
  5. Colts win BIG by at least two touchdowns.
  6. The writing is exactly the same as before, maybe you have matured as a reader and as a person.
  7. I'll take the safe bet and go with the home teams * New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts - I would really like to see the J-E-T-S take the Colts, but......can't see it happening. * Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints - Like to see the old man get another shot at the SB, but....... 3 of the 4 remaining teams are dome teams, I hate dome teams. I hate playoff football, no make that any football played indoors in January. At least the SB is being played outside.
  8. I Love You, Man (2009) - Terrible "comedy" that was not the least bit funny. How it received a 7.4 is beyond me.
  9. Yeah, but was it better than Waterworld? It was better than Waterworld but not as good as the Postman. But it also wasn't like 4 hours long, so there ya go. That's somewhat positive. FOr whatever reason, it made me think of both The Postman and Waterworld when I saw the adverts. WHich is definitely not a good thing. Although, I only saw about the first 30 minutes of The Postman, so maybe it got better later. LOL I totally missed this conversation, WW and Postman are weak films and in no way measure up to The Book of Eli.
  10. The Book of Eli (2010) - Surprised no one else here commented on this flick given the post-apocalyptic story. Good movie solid 8/10
  11. Better for us than most teams including the Bucs
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