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    Western Conference: San Jose vs. Colorado - in 6 Chicago versus Nashville - in 5 Vancouver versus Los Angeles - in 4 Phoenix versus Detroit - in 5 East: Caps versus Canadiens - in 4 New Jersey versus Philly -in 7 Buffalo versus Boston - in 6 Pittsburgh versus Ottawa - in 5
  2. After tonight's 17-2 thrashing some of the braves players/fans might.
  3. Congratulations Canada. Wish they could play one more time to see who would win a series both teams winning one game leaves at least me thinking who the better team really is has yet to be decided.......
  4. Here http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_kotor2_downloads.html
  5. Colts win BIG by at least two touchdowns.
  6. The writing is exactly the same as before, maybe you have matured as a reader and as a person.
  7. I'll take the safe bet and go with the home teams * New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts - I would really like to see the J-E-T-S take the Colts, but......can't see it happening. * Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints - Like to see the old man get another shot at the SB, but....... 3 of the 4 remaining teams are dome teams, I hate dome teams. I hate playoff football, no make that any football played indoors in January. At least the SB is being played outside.
  8. I Love You, Man (2009) - Terrible "comedy" that was not the least bit funny. How it received a 7.4 is beyond me.
  9. Yeah, but was it better than Waterworld? It was better than Waterworld but not as good as the Postman. But it also wasn't like 4 hours long, so there ya go. That's somewhat positive. FOr whatever reason, it made me think of both The Postman and Waterworld when I saw the adverts. WHich is definitely not a good thing. Although, I only saw about the first 30 minutes of The Postman, so maybe it got better later. LOL I totally missed this conversation, WW and Postman are weak films and in no way measure up to The Book of Eli.
  10. The Book of Eli (2010) - Surprised no one else here commented on this flick given the post-apocalyptic story. Good movie solid 8/10
  11. Better for us than most teams including the Bucs
  12. Just remember a good portion of humankind never have heard of FO3 or any FO game
  13. I wouldn't be able to disable character derailment in some badly written compilation mod if I wanted to, no? Or a specific armor texture. Or whatever. To be fair many mods do ask what you want to be installed. Choice is a good thing!
  14. Just installed BG2 again, its been awhile since I played I went with these mods The Ascension Mod v1.41 Turnabout Redemption Oversight Mod Unfinished Business Banter Packs NPC Flirt Packs The BG2 Fixpack The BG2 Tweak Pack Item Randomiser Romantic Encounters
  15. Arizona and the under Indianapolis and the over Minnesota and the under NY Jets at San Diego - I'll take the Chargers to win outright, the Jets and the points and the over.
  16. Saturday, 1/16 * Arizona at New Orleans * Baltimore at Indianapolis Sunday, 1/17 * Dallas at Minnesota * NY Jets at San Diego Date/Time Favorite Line Underdog Point Total 1/16 4:30 ET At New Orleans -7 Arizona 57 1/16 8:15 ET At Indianapolis -6.5 Baltimore 44 1/17 1:00 ET At Minnesota -3 Dallas 45.5 1/17 4:40 ET At San Diego -7.5 NY Jets 42
  17. Is it a problem with Bing? They released a hot fix just a few days ago.
  18. The good guys are 6 in number (plus a worthless animal companion) the rest are evil!
  19. Personally I avoid the news all together. I form my own opinions from daily life.
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