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  1. I can't wait for the 3rd installment. Thats 'if' there is one.
  2. Here some free 'pre-cut' star wars psds: http://psdspy.com/browse/Movies/Star_Wars/index.html
  3. http://psdspy.com/Anakin_Skywalker/index.html http://psdspy.com/Yoda/index.html There you go.
  4. Star Wars Renders and PSDs Use these in graphics and signatures, heres some stuff i've made: What you think?
  5. ... his body dissolved into an aura of dark side energies. Is he actully dead? Also, when Visas looks at his face after he 'died' - it don't tell us who he actully was.
  6. Silly me.. how the hell did i miss those 2 tunnels :/
  7. At the end of the tomb theres a massive door looked, how do i open it?
  8. Revan and Exlie teaming up for the good of the galaxy.. and you get stuck with a bunch of x-mandalorian rejects calling themselves 'mercenaries'. How much fun would it be though to choke Revan to death in the finale, maybe cheapshot the exlie in the nuts with his own lightsaber ... even steal the Ebon Hawk and crash it straight into dantoonie killing those retarded Jedi Masters.
  9. Lets hear some of your fav KotOR2 Quotations.
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