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  1. poop....ok then il go back 5 hours to my last save and do it ALL over again
  2. I am at the onderon finale and have somehow sided with tobin and the general vaku (which is dark side which i dont want) When I storm the palace and talk to Master Kavar all the dialog options are death threats. Im on the light side but do not know how I sided with vaku. If anyone could tell me where the choice of who you side with is, it would be very helpfull
  3. why the hell would i play through again
  4. Unless you have experienced this line "There is nothing for us to discuss now leave me alone" then I dont see how I can get influence since I cant even talk to her
  5. And i never treated her like a jerk i just got Maximum influence with visas
  6. Thanks a ton. Also instead of making a new post il just ask about the handmaiden here. I seem to have pissed her off because of letting visas join (that blind robed she jedi) and now whenever i talk to here she says that there is nothing for us to discuss and to leave her alone. I want to make her a jedi but if i cannot speak to her then there is a problem. Is there some way to make her NOT hate me? if there is, any help would be great
  7. I dont think many people want to play a game with insanely hard questions
  8. I am wondering about atton and getting him to his jedi state. I have got him about half way up the light side of the force bar using influence and have payed the twileks the credits on Nar Shadaa and talked to atton about the wars. I have heared that in the conversation about the war that you get the opition to train him (which i never got) Do i not have enough influence? and if i dont can i gain more influence on him and then train him? or am I too late? please tell me a serious answer i need no negative opinions about my post.
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