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  1. I agree, he acted way too 'superior' than cool. If I was Dooku I would have killed Anakin & Obi-Wan in the hangar in episode 2, regardless of what my master wanted, I will admit I would have run from yoda aswell. Think about it, if a 2 ft tall jedi master came at you with a lightsaber would you stay or run? It's a no brainer. but yes Dooku is weak, he gives sith a bad name.
  2. The first mistake I made was not making my allies jedi ( or sith ) I wasn't sure of how to gain influence, so I just gave up. besides I still had Visas & Kreia. since then I've been sure to gain influence
  3. Whether I'm light or dark I'd still choose silver for it's originality & the fact that it's not restricted to light or dark
  4. KotOR III: Fall of the Sith Empire KotOR III: The new Beginning
  5. if you wish, you can become almost as powerful as him too and also, if you haven't realised already, you can gain influence over your team members & turn them to the light or the dark side they can also become dark or light jedi ( just in case you didn't know )
  6. I'll take that into consideration next time ,LadyCrimson. oh, & Xard you cant put them on xbox
  7. force crush seems to be everyones favorite, it's no wonder, it's probably THE best darkside power to use just think force kill ( lv 3 choke ) with more.........snap heh,heh
  8. I may have some cheats that 'll help you & everyone else out: heal = Heal your player setcomputeruse xx = Sets Computer Use Skill Level setdemolitions xx = Sets Demolitions Skill Level setstealth xx = Sets Stealth Skill Level setawareness xx = Sets Awareness Skill Level setpersuade xx = Sets Persuade Skill Level setrepair xx = Sets Repair Skill Level setsecurity xx = Sets Security Skill Level settreatinjury xx = Sets Treat Injury Skill Level setstrength xx = Sets Strength Skill Level setdexterity xx = Sets Dexterity Skill Level setconstitution xx = Sets Construction Skill Le
  9. it's simple: bao dur + 100% dark side + dark jedi guardian = one mean ass mutherf****r I absolutly despise the disciple, he thinks he's so cool with his 'history' & 'knowledge of the jedi' & his voice gets on my nerves he makes me sick!
  10. Lightsabers obviously lightsabers, robes the whole jedi gig unless I'm a consular than I use armour more frequently
  11. Jedi academy by far, mainly for the fact you can choose your saber hilt & what you look like (plus i've finished it a few hundred times) & cause you can fight Kyle Katarn & the other jedi
  12. You may want to buy or find a coloured saber crystal before hand aswell.
  13. I don't know what these guys are smoking. Force deflection works anytime when you are NOT using a lightsabre. It DOES work with blasters. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Care to explain HOW one is supposed to deflect blaster bolts with BLASTERS????
  14. One question for you jadenkorr...... Did you buy it over ebay?
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