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  1. You don't have to have baseball mogul to join the league.I post stats,standings,rosters and all that for you.If your interested, here's the link: Visit My Website Baseball Mogul 2008 is a baseball simulator.It uses stats to help make the game run.This league is sort of like a fantasy league that's based on the game.If your a baseball fan, you should like this.
  2. Here's my top 5 favorite: 1-Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 2-The Classic Hershey Bar 3-Starburst 4-Skittles 5-Kit Kat Bar
  3. How does Republic Commando play on the 360?
  4. freeze a lot?Some people over the web have been complaining about it freezing/causing RRoD.I think it's BS but I want to make sure, as I'm looking to pick up a copy in a couple of days.
  5. I was looking on the internet at the types of 360's and I was wondering. Is the premium and the pro the same thing?
  6. Ya, so the "putting it horizontally" rumor I heard is true. Can anyone tell me if any of those other rumors are true? Or if u have more tips?
  7. As I said in my intercooler topic, I'm going to get an xbox 360.I know ALL 360's have a chance of breaking down but I want to be as safe as possible.Here are tips I know you should do: 1.Keep in well ventilated area. 2.Do not play for long,consecutive hours (ex:play for 2 hours,then give at least an hour for a break). 3.Keep your 360 and the area around it clean. Here are some RUMORS i have heard: 1.Putting small blocks under 360 to elevate off ground. 2.Place a small fan next to ur 360 (intercoolers are bad for system). 3.Cover it with a cloth or something like that,when you're not using it to keep dust out. 4.Placing 360 horizontally helps prevent it from scratching discs. Are the rumors true? I could also use more tips if you have any.
  8. If I get an intercooler, which one should I get? Or should I not get an intercooler, and try to keep good care of it?
  9. I know every 360 has a chance of breaking down but I'm trying to be as safe as possible.I know these are ways to help ur 360: 1.Keep in well ventilated area. 2.Do not keep in enclosed space or keep on carpet. 3.Do not play for long,consecutive periods of time (EX:play for 2 hours, then give an hour or two hour break). 4.Keep the 360 and the area around it clean. Any other tips?
  10. I'm going to get a 360 but I've read about overheating problems.I was wondering if I should get an intercooler to be safe. Is it worth buying or should I just put a small fan near my console?Or should I not get either? I know you're suppose to keep it in a well ventilated area.
  11. I got a used version of Republic Commando for xbox at Gamestop, but I forgot to check for a manual and it doesn't have one so I have a question.How to you get your guy to stand up against walls?I want to toss grenades around the corner while doing it. I see other squad mates doing it but I don't know how.I know this is a weird question but if you could help, I'd appreciate it. P.S I'm not really sure if I put this in the right place...
  12. Hi, I have an Xbox 360, but also have my old xbox.I was thinking about making my old xbox games playable on the xbox 360. I've seen the list and there are some good games there.However, does the compatability thing work well?
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