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  1. Easiest way for future endevors, just like ANY battle that you can access the fight scene before hand. Lay mines. GG SCHUTA! Works for every fight where it's not your first entrance to the scene. If you know theres going to be a fight there, and you don't know if you'll win... Lay mines. Works for Handmaiden's Echani training, on Dxun, VS Jedi Masters, etc etc. (at least in my experience so far, most of those things i don't need them for but when I do it works.)
  2. I think this is a horribly necro'd post (or it seems like it, but w/e) anyways yes a select somebody that our good friend DarthReliguim mentioned: Darth Bane, I've never actually read up on said fellow but ZOMG powerful out the ass. Oh, and a little thing I would really love to point out: The "Ultimate Sith" would really have to also be the Ultimate follower of the Sith Ideals. Not only was Revan deviously evil (Thus the Civil Wars, not "Revan took over the galaxy.") He also (after his defeat by Malak) Turned to Light side as his canon role. What "Ultimate" Sith can be turned to the lig
  3. Bwahahaha, my plan worked Controversy everywhere (although very one sided) i'll get back to the fact that yes, blasters pale in comparison to lightsabers but I'm also glad to see there are SOME open minded people who have used the blasters and still agree, yes they rule too :D I didn't ask "What kick what's ass" i really just asked you people "what do you prefer" now i'd like to remind you, that if you've never ran a Gunslinger through the game and done it first hand that question doesn't exactly apply to you, but lets keep this going shall we? who's next? Opinons are always good.
  4. Oh oh oh i just thought of another one after seeing the "Help Vaklu VS talia Quest" Thread, How about after the tomb you can equip well equipment: lightsabers and the like, from the tomb during an event that is currently ongoing. (First time i played through to no avail without using the workbench, needless to say that saber was a perk for kreia)
  5. I would just like to jump in and say, that while the writers of the stoyline for KotOR2 TSL may not have ment The Canonical character or w/e it's called to be Male, I'm pretty much certain looking at these glitch shots, that the Game developers, most certainly did, or at least wrote the male parts first http://www.crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/displayi...?album=18&pos=0 http://www.crimsonkeep.com/kotor2/displayi...?album=18&pos=8 Seems the game developers were confused at the very least no? " You should definately go beat on them Xard, because they're definately putting a kink i
  6. Well for one, most glitches that are gamers worst nightmare are namely the ones that are technical issues, involving the battle system, or that cut them out of a nice reward/being able to play. I think what we're going for here is funny stuff But still on the evil glitch topic is the ever dreaded Black screen after you switch from T3 to the exile on paragus (although that seems to be a mainly HD related issue to those with the game on their Xbox HD *legal softmodding is what i speak of, it's a backup, i tend to lose things* but it's happened to people with it on disk too so w/e)
  7. I would like to CLARIFY this topic. First of all for those who are misquoting me, I'd like to note that this is the ONLY point where i have specifically said that any gunslinger has ever been better than a lightsaber user. Second of all, i'd like to point out, that when i normally create a character, i create a consular, whom of course as we all know has the absoloute **** health (thereby my character could kill it before it got in range of attack/could spam force powers to kill me, it would be an instant wipe with my 30 and 32+ to attack roll which my characters never have more than l
  8. Oh? The simpilest of enemies DO NOT have the force deflect feat my friend. The simpilest enemies with lightsabers, maybe, but you're missing the point. I was not asking this from the perspective of a Starwars fan, i was saying it from the bottom of my efficiency wielding brain This is all from memory, i'll go play in a little bit and come back with actual stats in a while (maybe a day to a week who knows but meh) Btw i'll throw in a list instead of my full explanation at the bottom... First of all, as a proper gunslinger, you're likely to not only have ALOT higher defense than the
  9. Feel free to post what you hated as an "upgrade" too. Personally, my favourite upgrade to gameplay from KotORI to KotOR II TSL was: *ding-ding-ding* The ability for your party to follow you and understand who they were following.... KotOR II: Exile and his Merry Men: *Yay we made it* KotOR I: Revan: Bastilla, you gotta cut back on those doughnuts, hurry your fat ass up!" *10 mins later* Bastilla: Hey you left me back there! WtF? Revan:Wtf took you so long? Bastilla: Finishing my Juuma Juice what else? *player attempts to en
  10. But why, why you always end up DS? One Force Power should not mean so much <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You must remember, the weak minded are easily influenced by the allure of the Dark Side... You musn't concern yourself so much with such trivial matters. That's the awnser for it, now that you know the reason, what step do you take from here to turn him to the light side?
  11. Best tip EVER for making sure you can gain influence with a character: Save... Before EVERYTHING. Anything you do that has possible side effects, e.g Telling two exchange members to fork over their credits and jump off a building... Starting off on a new planet, entering a new area, talking to any party member. etc etc etc.. the list goes on but w/e That will guarantee that you can "Find The Way" you're looking for. Experimentation is key.
  12. That's supposing they don't do what we all want them to do, and let us play the Mandalorian wars (more likely the Jedi Civil War sadly [because revan and the exile can look like so many diff people], where we would have our masked up revan and malak running around, along with atton randomly and hear stories of the exile returning for his judgement among his former companions gone sith...) so we can get the best of both Revan, the Exile (ousted supposin it's the JCW), The Mandalorians (duh!!) and finally understand the backstory to the other two games... "Zomg look at what that crazeh Bao-Dur
  13. Personal Opinions: Czerka vs Ithorians: Personally, I would side with the Ithorians for two reasons: Czerka is untrustworthy compared to the Treehugging Ithorians, and if I were an Ex-Jedi trying to recover my connection to the force? Hell yeah I'm going to take what I can get! Khoonda vs Mercernaries: Really, I think I would side with the Mercs. Why? Well regardless of the way it would work out, at this point my Exile is hard up for credits, using everything he finds as components, along with that factor, we have the part where I personally dislike the leader of Khoonda and the way t
  14. So, are you a gunslinger Jedi or a a classic swordsman? My arguements start after the bold, the story is for your enjoyment " I once walked the path of the ever famed lightsaber toting unstoppable monster, as has the rest of the world. Then, as I played, I enjoyed a slight tingling sensation, as I watched my Dark Jedi Atton gun down 6 sith before i could reach them... "Interesting." That was my first thought. I had never payed much attention to my scary scary blaster spamming party member. "So barbaric." In the words of Obi-Wan... But I noticed a pattern... Who was killing every
  15. Of course the funniest line in KotOR2 is courtesy of a good friend of the Exiles, both mine and yours. Exile: "Who are you and why are you locked up here?" Atton: "I'm Atton, originally i wasn't supposed to make it into the final game..." Thank you Atton. (w00t)
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