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  1. As noted about. I've encountered a bug and I wanted to get some help, but the forum page doesn't seem to allow me to post anything. Not sure why that would be.
  2. It's early in my game. Eder just gave me a hard time, for no apparent reason. It was just after Xoti cleansed her soul at the statue of Guan. Eder keeps on smiling and nodding through my various conversations with people. My character has been honourable, tries to do the right thing (insofar as the game allows it), and I can see no reason why he all of a sudden threatens me. I've checked Eder's character page, and i am not doing anything he would dislike, according to that. What gives? There don't seem to be any reputation/relationship guides out there. This is pretty out of
  3. I got most of those influence points with Bao, but I missed a couple by having others in my party, I guess. Next time I'll have him along for the Dantooine stuff as it looks as though that's where I went wrong completely.
  4. Interesting. Bao-dur never had anything to say after he said he felt different. I talk to all of my party members all the time, too, and take them all out with me on each planet. Wonder what went wrong?
  5. I've played through the game twice, and I wasn't aware that Bao-Dur coud be jedified. I played Light Side all the way through, and talked to him over and over, but he never seemed to become adept in the Force. Other than one conversation in which he says he feels different, there was nothing to indicate a sea change. Same with Mira I gained influence with her, but she never developed into a Force user. So how do I go about doing this? What order would I have to do the various planets in to get them all jedified? Not that Mira NEEDs it, per se - she's pretty great as she is, but
  6. So it's possible to turn Bao Dur into a Jedi? I suspected that if you did things in a certain order you cold turn Mira into a Jedi because she is an Adept, but Bao Dur never showed a glimmer. Atton and the Disciple were pretty obvious right from the start -- and I started increasing their Wisdom stats right away. Now the one party member I'd love to see turned into a Jedi is "Candalore." Or little T3. Now that's a noble character. Heh heh. Or HK. Evil Sith Lord., clanking along with his lightsabre swinging.
  7. There is nothing and nobody in the game that can resist a high wisdom Force Wave, except for Kreia. Not even Sion was able to deal with it. And it slowed Kreia down a bit; her little dancing lightsabres didn't have a chance. So who needs blasters? In the end all of my part members except the droids used melee weapons or lightsabres. I even gave Candalore a heavy-duty melee weapon for the latter part of the game.
  8. So--- a couple of things. Atton comes and rescued the Exile. Since Kreia can't see his future, really, do you think he goes with the Exile off to the real war? Like an intergalactic chauffer? And -- what's your best guess about Go To and the little 'droid? Did they duke it out, or was Go To really on side after all? (And, um, did somebody take a little happy pill before they pronounced this game finished and ready to sell?)
  9. At the very end of the game when you ask Kreia about what will happen to your companions, she talks about Mandalore, and refers to him as Canderous.
  10. Thanks. Mind you, if Kreia wasn't so useful I'd leave the old bag stuck where she is!
  11. Hmmm -- I've already got the Light mastery +3 Wisdom Bonus, which would be hard to give up just for the sake of influenceing a few characters. Still, it seemed awfully wasy to gain Mastery so fast, so I reckon a few ambiguous actions won't hust too much. Atton's firmly on side at this point, I have gained some influence with Kreia, Bao Dur seems to be happy, too. I have redone sequences without Kreia because she really whacks you for Light Side actions.
  12. They did reappear on the planet surface, but now I'm in the Polar Region, and instead of being in the prison hey are standing beside the Handmaiden. And If I try to talk to them I get a message that says something like CHEAT MODE: Continue to confrontation with... (Whatever her name is).
  13. I feel as though I've really messed up a whole lot of quests on this level. I am at the point where the only thing I can do is get on the shuttle to go to Telos level RZ 0031, but I have a whole lot of quests not completed yet. I still have to work out where the modified blaster came from, I have to find the assassin, there are a bunch of criminals that i saw leaving the Czerka compound that I have a bounty for, and a few other quests left to do. Obviously I've done the main quest line, which is the Illithorian stuff, but I remember from playing years ago having a quest where I had t
  14. But how do I know iwhether he likes or dislikes what I do if he never has any dialogue to indicate one way or the other?
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