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  1. Putin would be the first in line to make "super soldiers". 99% of everything he says is bull****. Should see him talk about free speech, free markets, and the rule of law. And then everything he does is the exact opposite.
  2. It's a matter of execution like most things. And as such I'd rather there be one option that's a wholesome story in itself than ten options of what we typically see.
  3. I was more impressed with it's main big quest of the second half. Turning the warchiefs. The game gives you a large task and provides a sandbox system to complete it. You can pick any orc anywhere on the map and make him into a warchief through a number of paths and the end result is somewhat uniquely yours. You set your own missions to accomplish the desired end result. It's not a perfect sandbox by any means but this is a direction open world games should go to instead of littering an open map with linear quests.
  4. Do you think trigger warnings can be narrowed down enough? Because the lists of things that require trigger warnings that come out of the community that typically pushes for them are long and vaguely defined and derived often using capricious and frivolous interpretations. For example rape is rape, but a "trace of rape" can be lots of things to lots of people. And to comb through something for any traces that may trigger somebody doesn't sound like a realistic task. Can you really track all aspects that may remind someone out there of something they've experienced? It seems like practically speaking you can only cover the big things that are already covered by most content warnings like violence, sexual violence, etc. And for the rest content has to be checked by someone for a specific individual and their specific case.
  5. This is ironically such a Russian response through and through. Whenever someone in Russia exposes government corruption the typical response from pro-Putin camp is, "But in America/Europe/etc. they do this too. You're are targeting us. You're doing this to undermine our country. You're an American agent (just like Wikileaks is being labeled a Russian front) etc, etc..."
  6. Oh, come on. If anything at all deserves a warning it's certainly the latter. It's comedic in sad way that by comparison "offensive language" bs is even being entertained.
  7. Anyone know the latest on Dishonored 2. Was the PC port fixed?
  8. Putin must be beaming with smug content really. His ego being properly stroked and all.
  9. Here is something written by a Russian analyst, he put into words what has bugged me from the start about this whole American thing.
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