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  1. I mean the "love part" in RPG.We know that in many RPG you can deepen personal relationships with partners; After reaching a certain degree, him / her will be your lover,then you will get some benefit,like unlock him / her hidden ability.I think JRPG is filled with a lot of romance, they make the lovely girl become a driving force to attract players to continue the process.I would hope that romance will lead to bigger plot changes.So, what are your suggestions for romance?
  2. I think Obsidian is very fond of TSR period. When I look at PoE's monster illustrations, I feel this is very similar to Dragonlance's art style;Tyranny is a bit closer to Dark Sun.I think they are trying to create a feeling like "In parallel earth, this game should appear in 1989".
  3. Or a specific campaign setting. I hope Torg can be adapted into a new video game in this generation.:)
  4. Maybe they can try shenmo. Classic wuxia theme, like Jin Yong's works, in the story and background is more focused on describing the relationship between people and people,the main character may have just learned martial arts from a faction,and then to the streets, perform his own justice.In this process, he will create own enemies, met a crazy beggar(But he is actually a master of martial arts),met a girl who love him(But her father is actually your master's enemy), found his master has a terrible ambition--This is wuxia. Classic shenmo theme,like Journey to the West, in the story and
  5. So the lead story guy at White Wolf absolutely hates urban fantasy, or at least hates the idea of the World of Darkness being urban fantasy. I don't know what this will mean for any computer games set in the World of Darkness. I do know a Werewolf computer game is in the works, however. I think Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is pretty good.
  6. Cyberpunk is also a good option. If them want to do urban fantasy theme,I believe that World of Darkness is a good reference object. Urban fantasy can make fantasy elements and realistic events combined,or direct use of the urban legend.I will enjoy playing a paladin in the village of Texas to chase chupacabra, or a ranger at the Canadian border against wendigo.
  7. I would like to see the urban fantasy theme CRPG set on modern background,I am curious about how the obsidian team will perform this style;Or fantasy setting based on the stone age and reptile empire.
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