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  1. I didnt like Kreia/Traya at all. I found her very transparent. I already figured out she was no good a few minutes after i met her, and that, dark or light, id wanted to get rid of her. Unfortunately my character was a moron apparently.
  2. Destroying the third reich over and over and over again in games is getting so droll. "you have to destroy the evil nazis with your band of merry men!" They should make a game where you are a third reich soldier and you are shooting commissars and mowing down endless amounts of the vile red hordes. Thatd be something
  3. I dont pirate games myself, I prefer to "pay" the people for their hard work But to compare downloading a game and stealing a car is rediculous When you steal the car, you are depriving someone else of it. When you download a game, you arent depriving anyone of the same. What if someone came up with an invention that replicated jaguars? and he gave them out for free? Would you arrest him? lock him up? What if he had a device that replicated food products? would you arrest him for "Stealing" ? Its not like you are stealing the liberty bell. What about the poster in t
  4. I loathe the random equip generator. i only have 10,000 creds at any one time.
  5. wait.. does that mean a certain man found on dxun could become a jedi? or is he exempt? just imagine.. Mandalorian Jedi? with heavy repeaters and lightsabres! Thats like combining pirates and ninjas...
  6. heh i played as hanharr.. not mira. but i finally found it! YAY! no wonder i couldnt find it. i had to manually use L/R to select it.
  7. ... sigh.. im under the jekk jekk tar, with hanharr trying to open the high security door my character is behind, but the panel boiler98 spoke of doesnt exsist.. im wondering if he just made it up, or forgot, or what..
  8. Did I stumble across a game-ruining bug? did the panel get destroyed somehow?
  9. Where is the overrid epanel for the security door? ive systmatically searched the base room by room and cant find it. the only panel i found is the ventilation controls, but that doesnt have an option to open the security door. A speedy response would be appreciated
  10. thanks for the help, i tried all that and it didnt work, so i ran behind a table and exploited the bad pathfinding to throw nades at them till they were dead. my blasters didnt even phase their shields, and my melee always missed. obsidian shouldnt have included the auto-level unless they were gonna do it right and not make it so your characters are gimptastic. my main character and visas marr are the only decent characters i got, everyone else is a big joke.
  11. do I have to start a WHOLE NEW GAME? just because of this crap? Im fighting the twin suns and atton simplyc annot beat them, he gets killed in seconds, and i auto-leveled him the whole time since i never used him. Did I gimp myself horribly? is the game unbeatable? arrrrghh! HELP!
  12. Once you get to level 15, talk to kreia to get your prestige class, other than that, dont worry about holding back on levels. while holding levels back on the first one was advantageous, doing so in kotor 2 is pointless, as all youll be doing is delaying all the neat stuff you get as a prestige class. my sith marauder is a killing machine, hacking through hordes of enemies my other companions sometimes struggle to defeat. that valin darklight (my char) crystal is niiice.
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