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  1. I half to agree...Atton would wipe the floor with Carth.
  2. Oh yeah...that's probably right. I'll have to wait until my fiance finishes KOTOR to see the female ending/movies...I don't think I could stand Atton hitting on me. :D The movies are just like the movies you got from the first game...whoever asked. Short cutscenese and some in game movies this time.
  3. True...but there are certain things such as working on T3 that only your main char can do...and you have to be pretty up there in skills.
  4. My fav so far was Sentinel/Sith Lord...just because the skill points are important this time around.
  5. I could theoretically argue that Palpatine is at level 298...and he would A.) Block any force attack Revan or the Exile could attempt and B.) Obliterate Revan or the Exile with a single attack due to the fact that Palpatine does 1600 points of damage per round....BUT, I can't back that up and noone can object to it..due to the fact that the movies and video games are completely different and cannot be compared.
  6. Anyone unlock all of the movies yet? I have 57 of 62...having beat it three times..anyone know what the other ones are?
  7. Anyone else catch that the Mandalorian Basilisk fighter you take from Dxun to Iziz is the same exact design as Prince Xizor's Virago from Shadows of the Empire? I actually have the micro machine of this. Now it's a Mandalorian Basilisk. :D Here's the pic. http://www.geocities.com/Area51/7677/v.htm#vira
  8. I got my char to level 47 for the hell of it....now I feel dirty since nothing can touch me. :ph34r: Kinda pointless to get that high...in fact it just makes cycling through force powers a pain in the ass now. :D
  9. Or I could have purchased a console game...for my console...which was purchased to play console games. I shouldn't have to check to be sure the game works before buying that...I consider that a prerequisite for releasing a title.
  10. I did that...but everyone throughout the rest of the game still keeps bitchin about how Telos is doomed. So I figure I missed something..or it's just not tied up story wise.
  11. Seriously..oh well..I don't care what the NPCS think of the giant robotic earmuffs my char is forced to wear...BTW, suggestion...next game..headgear could use a few more 'cool' points. I am the Dark Lord of the Sith Dammit...not Geordi Laforge.
  12. It's definetly not far nor cool. We US X-boxers had no choice in the matter. I'm sure the vast majority with problems would rather have waited a couple more months if given the choice.
  13. Some things...like the HK factory were taking out of the game...not sure if the fuel source can be solved. Anyways, there's a thread about how to gain influence with people around here somewhere..I'll post it if I find it.
  14. I kinda got that impression since I first saw her...she didn't seem very..uh..Jedi like.
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