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  1. ...but the point remains. One can have an RPG without combat playing an important role. An RPG that doesn't have story playing an important role is just Everquest.
  2. I would like to point out that you can win certain CRPGs without fighting. Fallout, for example. It might be difficult, in many places, but you can do it. You could not, however, beat the game without participating in a story...
  3. Baldur's Gate had an excellent strategy for a series (though at the time there were hordes of "TEH LEVAL CAP SUXX!!!" posts on the boards), though the first game was mediocre but for a couple chapters and the expansion. By comparison, the KotOR series is of a higher overall quality. I wouldn't want to play Revan OR the Exile again. Not because their stories are over, but by the end of their games, they've discovered themselves, for good or for ill, and become important background forces in the galaxy. It's like Planescape: Torment...whatever you do with the Nameless One (also known as
  4. I too would not want a sequel to PS:T, given how personal and emotional it was for me (I played twice, and then put the game away, not because it wasn't good, but because I didn't want my perceptions of the game as near-perfectto change by playing it any more). The Nameless One's story is over...let him rest...or not rest, as the case may be. That said, Planescape was the only one of the D&D settings that I thought had any real creativity behind it, and I'd love to see more games set in Sigil and the outer planes. There are official D&D rulebooks for the planes again, so it can b
  5. You mean "apex" of a trilogy, I think "climax" would be the end.
  6. Plus, the bond isn't as severe if you're prepared. Recall that's why you don't take each other's damage in combat. But, perhaps, if she died far away, when you were caught off-guard, it might be fatal. By killing her yourself, or by being there, and ready, perhaps you are able to prevent the bond from killing you. Or perhaps not. We don't know much of what happens after Traya falls...
  7. I like the way they did do it, allowing you to answer questions based on how your ending went. The specifics aren't that important, if you ask me. Though I do hope that the next game has more questions like that, or flashback sequences where you can decide what happens.
  8. Indeed, there's a lot of potential here for making the next game revolutionary. I'm currently envisioning playable flashback sequences where the unanswered questions from KotOR 2 are not only decided, but then have an impact on the storyline of the third game. One interaction between two droids, left hanging, would certainly affect how a new storyline played out. If Obsidian or Bioware do this, then kudos to them.
  9. The fact that you believe he said that when he already explained that he wishes they'd stuck with a level 20 cap is ridiculous. If you really aren't interested in the game, which it sounds like you are not (and that's certainly your perrogative), then by all means, vacate and move on to greener pastures. There's no reason for you to beat yourself up by hanging around somewhere where all you see disappoints you. But, I expect that you'll ignore my advice. Ah well.
  10. T3 is quite possibly the most important of your party members...the revelations made by HK-47 lead me to believe that this was all T3's agenda in the first place. Plus, his conversations with other droids are hilarious. That little droid really has gone too long without a memory wipe...he's starting to think he's a puppetmaster. And...actually being one.
  11. I found that, in the endgame, Force Wave + Force Storm would clear a room of 7+ high level enemies completely in two moves, without any damage taken on my part. So...yeah, Force Storm is da bomb, yo. On the other hand, I did have much happiness result from Dominate Mind.
  12. The poll doesn't include the option: D) There is no compelling argument for returning it, at least for me. Yes, there are a few bugs, but I haven't met any game-breakers, and the game is overall of very high quality, leaps and bounds over most CRPGs these days.
  13. "Sion" is probably a reference to "scion," which means "descendant or heir." In this case, he is defined by his desire to be the heir to his master's teachings and power. As for Nihlius, I know I had a very good reason in my game as to why he went down easily...He didn't know as much about Force Bonds as I do, most likely... In regards to Malak...the guy bored me. Just another power tripping bad guy. All of the other Sith Lords presented so far in the KotOR series have had more character and thought put into them...especially Revan after KotOR 2. Very good work there, Obsidian...
  14. Seems to me that the exile got the short end of the stick when it comes to pilots. Atton is always crashing or force landing... Carth was far less likely to get the ship smashed up, if you ask me. Anyways, I don't have much more of a point than that. Just wanted to get it off my chest. Cheerio.
  15. Random treasure drops are the way to go, honestly. I remember the Baldur's Gate games, and, after your first playthrough, you could start a game and be decked out with the best stuff in the space of two hours, and it made the game way, way too easy. The random way, you feel like you've really lucked out when you find something extra sweet.
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