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  1. For canon purposes, like the Star Wars databank, Revan is male and Exile is female. But really, that's pretty meaningless. You can consider them either sex and it works equally well.
  2. Unlikely to be what Chris A. had in mind. As mentioned, why did Revan have to leave everyone he loved behind to fight this threat? Why didn't he inform the Republic of what was coming? Why did he assume that his becoming a Sith Lord himself would have been a 'lesser evil' compared to conquest by this other Sith Empire? The 'True Sith', by appearances, were intended to be something a little more ominous than just 'a Sith Empire, but with even MORE big ships and soldiers and Sith Lords!' Or at least I hope to god Chris A. wasn't simply setting us up for something that shallow and forgettable.
  3. Bah. I have a bad feeling we'll never know, and from the sounds of it I'm worried Bioware might not have grasped the sinister and mysterious aspect of whatever menace Revan went off to fight. If it had just been another conquer-the-galaxy Sith Empire, as the upcoming MMORPG seems to suggest, then how will they explain why Revan didn't just immediately inform the Jedi and the Republic and start cranking out the war machine necessary to fight? How will they explain his reasoning for leaving everyone and everything behind and going alone to face what he had to face? If it's just another ho-hum Sith Empire, then having Bastila and Carth and Jolee and all the rest would be far from a disadvantage. And if it were just another ho-hum Sith Empire, becoming a Sith Lord yourself to save the galaxy from the coming threat seems a bit pointless. It kinda reminds me of Star Control II and all the subtle hints that were left about the ultimate fate of the Precursors, or about whatever malevolent forces devoured the Androsynth. There's a mystery here, and maybe even Herr Avellone didn't whip up a good answer to it....or even could manage to do so without it coming across as an anti-climax. That Bioware seems to be opting for dropping all the mystery about the 'True Sith' and just going for 'some old Sith Lord ran off and now he's come back with an even BIGGER Army and Navy!' is disappointing, but then, I suppose we don't have enough detail to truly judge just yet. EDIT: Chris Avellone Last post: July 22nd 2006!?! Ok, no hope, then. I've been gone for a long time, but there was an age when could be seen responding to things on occasion.
  4. Hello? Hello? Probably not. That's the problem with games; you have to spend all that time writing the things. Not enough time for message board browsing. In any case, the topic: now that the details of the 'True Sith' and Revan's fate have passed from the hands of the fine folks at Obsidian and into the hands of Bioware, I'd kill to find out exactly what Chris Avellone was thinking when he made all the unanswered suggestions and allusions in KOTOR II. What happened to Revan? Why was it necessary for him to travel alone to face these 'True Sith', and take no one he loved? There was obviously something darker and more sinister involved than simple galactic conquest; after all, he had previously become a Sith himself and tried to conquer the galaxy in order to save it from the even worse darkness to come, right? None of it can be canon Star Wars now, obviously, since Bioware is whipping up it's own interpretation, but now that we'll never see the Obsidian-crafted climax to the storyline it seems fairly harmless to let us all in on what the vision was.
  5. I take it your experience with RPGs is limited? I might be able to understand 'best looking', but playing? Pffftt. It was good, but it was way too dungeon crawlish, with the end game being the biggest Monty Haul fest to be found outside Diablo.
  6. It makes sense if you understand the usage of the word practical. In some circumstances, the word is a compliment, but it can also be used as a euphemism for someone who gets things done without worrying about useless annoyances such as 'morality' or 'good' or 'evil.' They see the quickest method required to reach their goal, and they use it no matter how much damage it causes or who it hurts.
  7. Ahhh, yes, "Longing." I was impressed with how they handled that sequence as well. It wasn't my favorite single-player gaming moment of all time; in fact, it wasn't even my favorite of Planescape: Torment (that belongs to my conversation with Ravel Puzzlewell, or perhaps the last act of the Fortress of Regrets.) Nevertheless, it's a very memorable part of the game.
  8. KOTOR II had a lot of flaws, no doubt. But I always feel the urge to ridicule anyone who showers praise on KOTOR's storyline, or Bioware's storytelling. If I saw a movie plot handled with the clumsiness of KOTOR, I'd think it was one of the sloppiest scripts of the year, without a doubt. I think the praise people have for KOTOR says a lot less about the game itself and a lot more about the relative quality of the competition.
  9. I hated that. Hated it. Whenever I was playing as a goodie two-shoes, there was never a point in the game where I could feel comfortable about my inaction on the major quests. If I waited forever and did all my sidequests, I felt like I had just ditched Imoen to torture and abuse. If I got the money quickly and headed straight out to save her, If I beat that, the game was over. At some point in BG2, all good characters have to be callous bastards if they want to do anything but the main plot. I've been able to rationalize for other games, but BG2 made it damn hard.
  10. Anyone else astonished this thread hasn't been closed yet?
  11. Lucas is many things....but a 'good writer' isn't one of them.
  12. Aside from the problems already mentioned, the KOTOR games are inherently less moddable than BG2. Unlike in BG2, a character without a voice sticks out like a sore thumb, restricting any potential dialogue to what was already recorded and just left out....and also unlike BG2, by having a Developer adding even 'unofficial' content, you also have what amounts to a developer giving an unofficial middle finger to all the X-Boxers who can't get that mod.
  13. No, seriously. The commonly accepted number of civilian casualties for the Eastern Front in World War II is between 20 and 30 million. Read the beginning of this article.
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