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  1. Vol does not need facts or data.. just hyerbole to 'prove' his stance.
  2. NWN2 OC was far better then NWN1 OC. Only Vol really disputes that that I have seen. The NWN1 was nothing but 2 giant fex ex qquests duct taped togethr with foreshadowing up the arse. Nothing was surprising and most all NPC characters were forgetable. Even Bioware finally admited a few yrs after release it fell far from their orginial expectations. MotB vs SoU... (xp1 vs xp1) clear winner again MotB. Obsidian clearly showing, again, why their writters are better as a whole. To Biowares credit however, for a story, design and compleate expansion they wipped up in just a couple of months they deserve kudos. HotU vs SoZ for raw SP story clearly HotU wins, I think the general concensus is almost every player enjoyed Hordes more then SoZ story wise. However for toolset content I beleive SoZ added a lot more value to module builders.
  3. Yes. However death <> good drama. Plus there only about ~80 ppl on the ship. You can't start killing off folks left and right. At least BSG had tens of thousands of ppl so a death here and there was acceptable. Not when you have less then 100.
  4. Harl is my alt actually. Not like I hide that fact. However I am trying to standardize my forums names so I retired rhomal across the board. FYI
  5. I saw in the credits listing of whos in the staff photo a 'Brian Lawson', that's not our toughpants is it?!
  6. If you do not think a core part of any aspect of entertainment (movies, graphic novels, comics, PC games, etc) is art direction and it plays a huge role in how it is perceived and accepted (or not) then you are in the minority. Think the movie Sin City minus the art direction draped in standard film presentation, or the movies LotR, 300 the tv show x-files or move to the topic the PC game myst. Rip out all their art direction and replace with bland fare and what do you have? You may still have a decent product but I promise you would have received far less acclaim then they did. Art direction and music play a HUGE role in most aspects of media entertainment but they are not always 'seen' on the surface but play critical rolls in the end product. With that said I do not think the art direction is bad for da I simply think it uninspired and gave me a feeling of been-there-seen-that. As if the art director raped the sketch books of those artists that worked on the lotr films. Rather then use his own take or direction for example. And on a side note I do agree the fire animations did stick out like a sore thumb against the other high quality art/animations, it was poorly done.
  7. This is going to be a great LotR game! Wait... On a serious note I have to admit the video looked good, but all I could think of was LotR with the art direction. It is on my radar so we'll see.
  8. DR is simply young and ignorant, give her a few years and her eyes will hopefully open. (if she isn't young.. well... erm... anyways..) V is well... V. He has his moods some very positive others not so much. While one month he and I got at it and the next we are holding hands around the fire. While I don't agree with him 100% he does makes some valid point from time to time that makes me think of my own position. However I think he get so used to the flamefest forums over on the other communities he hangs out on he brings that same attitude over here. Which isn't all that productive.
  9. The EVE expansion is around the corner... once released then WoDO goes into full production according to cpp. Should be some exciting news around the corner next few weeks.
  10. Rhomal


    They can't be all winners. Every writer has a miss for idea/concept. This may simply be his. As I think RDM is due for a miss and it is going to be caprica but I could be wrong. But I give caprica one, 2 seasons tops. damn sci-fi for forcing his hand and ending galactic.. it should have been 5 seasons...
  11. Because there is no where to go with it? I mean ToB tied up the story very nicely. There is really no where to go with that storyline. And if you start a fully new SL then its BG3 in title only. And if you try to shoe horn a new story where ToB ends then its really going to be convoluted and obviously forced. Its a no win either way, let the BG series RIP.
  12. And how baltar goes from helping (indirectly) to destroy the colonies to finally starting to over come his weaknesses and seeming wanting to really do some good. Its like they are all coming full circle to a degree from where they started.
  13. If you listen to moores podcasts about the eps he explains some of what is being complained about here. As for ellen as he explains shes still at the core the same character just with all her full memories. So as he explains don't expect her to be a fundamentally different char. More intelligent and slight altered in her reactions because of that, yes. Totally different no.
  14. I almost choked to death I laughed so hard when I read this! LOL
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