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  1. Maybe they should choose their partners better and actually communicate with them regarding decisions also affecting them.
  2. Is that a joke? Pathfinder: Kingmaker has a good rule set, which did not come from the studio. It came from decades of development over the life of D&D, leading to d20, 3.5, and then Pathfinder. Is there anything else good about it? Certainly not the engine. Maybe the game gets better -- I can't tell, because it's unplayable now. Nothing has stopped Obsidian from using Pathfinder, it's been out for a while now. While there's still bugs, Owlcat has pretty much figured out RTwP gameplay things that Obsidian never could, stuff like AI (especially companion AI), the overmap, resting,
  3. Man, must be pretty awkward when a noobie Russian studio can make a better CRPG on their first try than Obsidian after god knows how many years now. Maybe they can license the engine?
  4. Nope, gotta give it the traditional Obsidian 3 months for it to be kind of playable.
  5. They're dead in the water just like arena shooters. Newer genres have overtaken them and there's just no players left. Look at Planetary Annihilation, Ashes of Singularity, even Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (which was actually pretty good). Luckily there's still cool stuff like grand strategy, Offworld Trading Company, Rimworld, etc.
  6. Wait until you run into a Faceless scouting party, I got roasted and toasted. Game has that BG2 quality of having to figure each encounter out, puzzle style.
  7. Because kickstarter brought a whole new gneration semi-decent cRPGs to the market, leaving AoD to compete with them instead of being the only one for a nice long while.
  8. Too little too late for me. Should have got in before the Kickstarter stuf really took off. Now it just feels like a product of its time. Looking forward to Underrail for my Fallout 1/2 fix.
  9. Grabbed Grim Dawn, it's surprisingly awesome. Like a much less linear Diablo.
  10. Confederate Express is doing well.
  11. I never did figure out how to play Vangers, it was just too dark.
  12. Farcry 3: Blood Dragon or if you step a bit away from the F then Just Cause 2 or Red Faction: Guerrilla.
  13. Just found out about Confederate Express a bona fide PC tactical RPG. Thought you might like it...
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