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  1. A large company that buys other companies? Have they done anything particularly devious? Tencent is not simply "just a large Company". They own many social media sites in China and are actively involved with censoring Chinese citizens, they are also very involved with making the new Orwellian credit system in China. Not to mention they are basically the Gaming Branch of China, they are not a real Company in the case of like Bethesda or 2K, they are Government owned and controlled, they owe all of their success to the Chinese Government with the Chinese Government having every one of their fingers in the pie.
  2. And why do you think anyone cares ? Man, maybe there is something to gamers being utter babies. I'm sorry, but some of you really don't understand just who Tencent is, do you? They are not only just a Gaming Company with goals of controlling the whole industry, 1. They steal your personal details. 2. They are a branch of the Chinese Government. Tencent success over the years is hugely owed to the Chinese Government. Also refer back to point number 1.. 3. They are pro censorship, they own many social media companies in China and are responsible for censoring and oppressing Chinese citizens. ‚Äč4. They are involved with making the new Orwellian Credit system in China. I will never buy anything involving Tencent and anyone who willingly gives them their personal info is an ignorant moron. Anyone with a brain should be very scared of Tencent, their goals and where they are heading. Call me a baby all you want, but at least I'm not as ignorant as you about this situation.
  3. As long as Tencent is involved with Epic, never. People who are ignorant on the subject of Tencent need to do more research on the matter.
  4. Way to go, now I'm not buy this game, ever. No way I can support a company like this, I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one. Reasons I am pissed off: -I do not support PC exclusives, unless that company actually made the game, even then I am not a huge fan. -I will never sign up to Epic and give my details to Tencent, who are nothing more than gaming branch of the Chinese Government -I will never support a Company who would treat their customers like peasants. Screw you, you were meant to be better than this.
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