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  1. The only material I saw in the game that seemed "inspired" by the original trilogy was all the ripped-off lines from the movies. So many times I caught myself thinking, "Hey, I've heard those exact words before. Where? Oh yeah, Empire!"
  2. Gotta disagree with you on that point. I liked both those games, but Morrowind went alot further to ensure people had as close to a true RPG experience as was possible for the time. The amount of attention devoted to the smallest things in Morrowind was astounding. They truly provided you as close to free reign as they could. NWN was far more linear and scripted. It still had a good plot, and good gameplay, but it didn't allow you anywhere near the same amount of freedoms as Morrowind did. A plus for NWN was it's multiplayer ability though.
  3. I understood the story just fine, I just though it was stupid. It was trying so hard to be intelligent that it just fizzled into cheesiness. I agree though, had they the time to refine the story alot more, it could have turned out alot better. It just seemed very slapped-together to me. Darth Jebus voiced my gripes about the story better than I did. I much agree, it just didn't feel like Star Wars.
  4. While I agree the story to #1 seemed somewhat cliche, it still felt very epic and I felt much more attatched to the characters. It just seemed in #2 that they failed their attempt at suspense. They keep you in the dark about whats going on, and by the time you finish the game, you're not much wiser. It's like Obsidian wanted to be oh-so jedi-like mysterious, but failed miserably.
  5. BAH! Sorry for the thread spam. Let the other ones die. The board was generating an error message everytime I tried to post, and yet, it still posted.
  6. K, I just finished the PC version and I had to vent my frustration at this game. When I first started playing, I was quite pleased with the additions made to the game since KoToR. Epic levels, w00t. Prestige classes, yay. Longer gameplay, slick. Better item creation, awesome. It occured to me, though, that had Bioware kept this title, they likely would have done the same things. I mean, it's a sequel, people expect more. It's still Bioware's engine, so it was really a simple thing to add these small features. So, given that, I did not award any points to Obsidian for these minor
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