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  1. +% damage, like burning lash, turning wheel, etc. isn't getting properly evaluated vs. DR. This slips by testing because in the specific case of +25%, it IS getting properly evaluated. The problem is that, for other +% damage boosts, they're also getting evaluated against 25% of the DR, rather than the relevant %. This makes +5-10% boosts negligible, including often reducing down to zero damage added, while overvaluing any +% boosts over 50%. In testing, +50% boosts are actually doing another 60-70% damage, depending on DR. Steps to reproduce: take a monk, get lightning strikes, turnin
  2. Some abilities say 'full attack': that means you do an attack with the weapon, with the damage done by the weapon, as part of that ability. As for the rest... right now, the level 1 abilities do enough damage to be useful throughout the game... plus, at level 9, level 1 abilities start becoming per-encounter, rather than per-rest, which keeps them valuable into the endgame.
  3. Doesn't fire, at all. No visual effects, no sounds, nothing in the combat log, no changes in health, nothing. The Black Path works, for what that's worth, so there is one paladin on-kill ability working. Just hit level two, so it's broken from the start.
  4. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's this bizarre and pointless exercise that lets you talk to an Ubese through a wall, who offers various cheat options that don't do much of anything you'd want to do.
  5. Absolutely right. It made for a nice change, too, having a little more thought involved than usual.
  6. Did you miss the part where Nihilus tries to eat the exile - which would be the point where any other Jedi went the way of the reformed council at Dantooine? The thing to remember is that Nihilus is not the great danger - not even Traya is. Whatever it is, it is out there, waiting, where Revan went. The true Sith is what the Exile needed to return to Malachor V before facing, and that is how they did in fact tell it. No, Malachor V was a better place to end it, and Traya a stronger climax than Nihilus. Anyway, if you're looking for early climactic moments, I rather thought the
  7. It's easier than you think. If you're inside their guard, they'll back up to get to their preferred range - even if it means going off the map. Throw up a push or disable power, press the ones who aren't affected, and repeat until they're all off the mat. In some ways, it's much more humiliating for them if you take them all down by the rules they set without ever laying a hand on them.
  8. Have the talk before you turn him Jedi, or that thread closes. Probably a bug.
  9. Disciple's LS ending has him 'reluctant, as all good men are, he will sit on the new Jedi Council' or somesuch.
  10. Treat injury opens up some nice implants for you once it reaches the mid-thirties to mid-forties, but that's usually too late in the game to be actually useful.
  11. Bao-Dur establishes that Revan was delayed outsystem by Mandalorian scouts while the Exile's fleet fought the Mandalorians at Malachor V. HK-47 corroborates with his account of how Revan probably delayed deliberately in order to 'clean house' before officially going Sith. The Mandalorians did it a) to defeat a present foe, Nihilus and b) as PR. A lot of people, including some Mandalorians, think that the clans were broken beyond repair at Malachor V. Mandalore needs something newsworthy to show the galaxy that they're back - destroying the Ravager (a sufficiently heavy capital ship that
  12. Well, if the forums go, they go. Some last words, just in case: Much as I'd like to see KOTOR II done the way it could have been done, and delighted as I would be to see a mod by someone restoring even the small things that could be so restored, there will be other games, and even other games which could be of the finest. Some of them made by you at Obsidian, I hope. Startups don't always pan out: Troika had some wonderful ideas, and talent that I respect, but they never quite managed to execute on any of their projects. More even than seeing KOTOR II done right, I hope to see yo
  13. Try turning it into to Zherron at Dantooine's administrative center.
  14. You, ah, hadn't given him your money yet, so he wasn't giving it back, y'see. That's worth dark side points alright.
  15. One more vote in favor of complexity. It was a good plot - a very good one. A welcome breath of buddhism in an all too often manichaean universe. They could have fleshed things out more, and almost certainly intended to (see the cut ending thread), but it was good as is. The only additional thing I think would have really helped would have been a solid prologue, in the manual or in the game, letting you know the broad outlines of your own backstory beforehand - certainly I have had much, much more fun playing through it when I think about acting either as an undead weeping wound in t
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