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  1. Actually, I believe they corrected this to a certain degree by stating Antilles was his first name with his full name being Captain Antiles Colton.
  2. Then don't use it Its supposed to be a combination of mandalorian type armor with electromesh and encrusted force crystals, and the mask is based off of Jango Fett's helmet, hence the look. You could say the same for alot of heavier armors and the Force Mask style masks though, except at least my stuff matches instead of running around looking like you have the fashion sense and matching abilities of a retarded elcectic jawa!
  3. Check out the dancer outfit mod in my signature. There is one that actually looks exactly like the Leia outfit and an Oola styled on, plus they have defensive bonuses, which are fully explained why and how in the item descriptions. I really didn't like most of the items in game. Thats why I made my own. I think my Jedi Armor and Mantle of the Force mask are far cooler than anything they had in game
  4. And? That clearly isn't official. I could go make my own list and post a link to it but that wouldn't mean a damned thing either. Frankly, I think we'd all be better off pretending midiclorians were never ever mentioned anyways. What a retarded idea.
  5. Why are there so many Sith in the worst JEDI poll? Haven't you learned there is a diference by now?
  6. I definetly enjoyed them. I like the true ancient aspect and feel they have to them, perfect for something set 4000 years before the movies, instead of looking like they could be two decades before the movies like the KOTOR games are. Sure, they weren't always so detailed and thing seem a little rushed, but come on, what do you expect? Comics are very thin little things to cram alot of stuff into. They would have been much better as novels, but for the medium, they were rather fun I thought. I never actually read Redemption though. The whole thing about Ulic Qel Droma being stripped of the Force never sat well with me. I hated that they gave the Jedi that power.
  7. Hell f---ing no. I'm apalled at the number of you who even said yes. You'd let a company rip you off, double charging you for what they were supposed to have given you the first time? I mean really, what the hell is wrong with you? I guess it is true that there is a sucker born every minute, and that no one has ever gone broke underestimating the stupidity of the public. I'd download that thing off a file sharer as soon as it was available, and consider that illegal action 100% justified.
  8. How in the world could you possibly know that? Thats pure conjecture. KOTOR1 barely told us anything about Revan's reign as Sith. Just because the game never pointed to specific instances of his use of power in such ways, doesn't mean he never did. After all, the game says specifically that he never did act in such a way either. Additionally, Malak did display tactics. You just seem to be foregetting them. He went after the Endar Spire specifically to try and take out the Republic and Jedi's most tallented battle meditator, a rather calculated strike. When they made it to Taris and were going to escape, Malak blasted the planet into oblivion to try and stop them. Use of overhwelming force, yes, but still a tactic. Waiting for the Jedi to attack Revan's ship, then betraying his master and firing on him at the right moment in an effort to take them both out, definetly tactical. And keeping the Republic fleet off balance and occupied elsewhere so that he could strike and wipe out one of the strongest Jedi bastions of Dantooine? If thats not strategy and tactics... No, no, no. She was a master nothing. We all saw it coming, and if we would've been given a legitamate opportunity to throw her off the Ebon Hawk earlier, I bet most of us would have taken it, Force Bond or not. Her "manipulations" only succeed because she was dealing with 1 and 2 dimensional characters, including the seemingly half brain dead Exile through whom we really never get the option to choose another path.
  9. Kreia isn't true Sith. No true Sith would seek to kill/destroy the Force, the source of their own power. Definetly Malak. Malak was what he was. He wasn't morally ambiguous. He wanted power, and he was prepared to go to any lengths to get it, whether through the lowly betrayal of Revan or the destruction of Taris. As for the "wasted resources" someone pointed out, thats hardly something a Sith Lord would care about. Better to wipe out all their enemies and rebuild in the wake when dominance has been fully established. Hell, look at Palaptine. HE wiped out an entire peaceful planet which would have had tons of resources, no doubt, and he did it just to send a message. At least Malak had a more specific goal in mind when bombarding Taris Besides, the Sith don't give a damn about their followers, traditionally. Again, look at Palpatine. The guy was the ruler of the Galaxy, with practically unlimited resources at his disposal and still wouldn't even shield his frigging TIE fighters. The strong pilots would survive, and if not, they're all expendable anyways. Once again definetly Malak. He's the true Sith. Just cause he has most of the traditional Sith aspects doesn't make it a bad thing. Knocking a Sith Lord as "just another guy seeking power" is like knocking a Jedi as "just another defender of the peace and the innocent," you just wouldn't do it because thats what a Jedi is SUPPOSED to be.
  10. I suppose I could agree to that to a certain degree. Putting the action that took place at Telos at Malachor instead, which would accomplish the Epic goal just the same while still pleasing those who think the game should end up on Malachor. I still would think, in my personal opinion, that Nihilus would be better off as the last boss still if the action were moved to Malachor. You go to the planet to find Kreia after talking to Atris and go through all that with her, meanwhile Nihilus and his fleet have come there in search of the Exile, and must be dealt with before leaving. Then the Republic and Onderonians, and whomever else could still get it on the fight, coming to attack the Sith forces that have been drawn out of hiding, all of that battle taking place while the story is developing on the planet.
  11. Download one of the influence modifier mods on pcgamemods.com
  12. There was nothing really wrong with Zalabar per se. I actually liked him. He's just one I see more likely to return to Kashyyyk and his tribe rather than somehow stumble into the True Sith War. I found Bao Dur kind of annoying, but I never really did get him to full potential. I think I expereienced a bug during my first play through where after a little while when I would talk to him the only option I ever got anymore was "Nothing. Nevermind" or something along those lines. Personally, I like seeing the females fighting next to me with their lightsabers blazing. After all, if I have to look at three characters, two of them might as well be nicely pixelated eye candy (particularly if wearing the Mesh dancer outfits I made which contain a decent amount of protection for reasons explained in their descriptions).
  13. I third that. I agree as well that I'd rather see Revan and the Exile as playable characters then someone new in the third game. Better to stick with the strong characters we already have and focus on the mystery of the True Sith, rather than having to learn about yet another new character. When you grow to like characters you want to see there continuing journey. Star Wars wouldn't be as fun if every movie they had new main characters. In fact, I'd like to see some of the support characters form both games brought back as well. Yeah, I know Revan didn't want to take any of his/hers and Kreia told the Exile not to as well, but maybe some of them make their own choice to head out there on their own later, same as Revan and the Exile did (with appropriate explanations as to why they came and how they found out the details). Not all of them though of course! I think KOTOR2 already suffered from too many characters as it is. HK, Mandalore/Canderous, T3, Bastila, one or two of the girls from K2 (Mira would be my personal pick with an option for romance this time ), and either Carth or Atton, but not both. I liked Mission alot as well, but I can't see her having a reason to tag along into the True Sith Empire this time around, although it would be interesting to see an all grown up Mission, especially since I love the Twi'lek ladies G0T0, Bao Dur, Zalabar, Jolee and Juhani were all rather forgettable/dull in my opinion, and I'd rather not see them make a return.
  14. You're incorrect. The Empire lasted 23 years as the dominant force in the galaxy, and continued to survive even after the founding and then fall of the New Republic. The New Republic only lasted about the same, or a couple of years more as the dominant force, but then ceased to exist. No one said it wasn't a good period to make anything from. The point is they already have done WAY more than enough with that period, as far as major conflicts go. They'd be hard pressed to fit any epic storylines in the New Republic period without conflicting with what has already been established. A game beyond that point could work, but I think they're going to be tentative about doing anything so far into the future just yet.
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